Monday, July 14, 2008

weight loss

Inside the city walls I lost a little over 35 pounds and gained some muscle mass too. Its something I want to keep up and keep losing. I am less than 10 pounds from my goal and another 20 from an ideal weight. Though some of you might think my ideal weight might make me look a bit like a skeleton. But I'll be all muscle.

So, this morning after Mass at St Michael's, I went to Old Navy to see what size I am now. Because for a while I will be thrift store and garage sale clothes' shopping.

Before entering the city walls, I wore either an 18 or 20 depending on brand. Upon leaving Old Navy, I am a size 14! :) Two whole sizes! Wow!


Anonymous said...

35 lb in a year! Was it the food?

Anonymous said...

the lack of fast food and eating healthy, not eating YM food...also exercising 6 days a week...yay! for activity!!!