Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chocolate is good for a woman!

I found the ice cream bars! Hooray! BUT, I was on my way to work, so I couldn't get ANY. I will be back 2mrw for at least 2 boxes. And, then I will offer a wee prayer that the store keeps them on the shelves!

Chocolate is good for a woman!

Yes, I am in a chipper mood. I am house-sitting over Christmas break. Wahoo!

Also, I am at peace knowing that God's plan is specific for me. And, that, our Confirmation curriculum kicks tooshie! Thank you TOB4T. Now, I just have to write up the Disciples program for the spring and talk to the DRE about changing the SP4T program so that our teens that need more than one sacrament, receive all of them the year they receive Confirmation as they REALLY need more catechesis then 5 Life Nights and one all day class.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


CCC 2241 The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him.

Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants' duties toward their country of adoption. Immigrants are obliged to respect with gratitude the material and spiritual heritage of the country that receives them, to obey its laws and to assist in carrying civic burdens. <italics added by blogger>

Thoughts on how to handle when you find out your friends, teens, families are illegal? Obviously, mercy and compassion. But, we are called to love and serve and GROW in Holiness. We are not called to be enablers. And, if we were, we'd be sinning right along with those who came here illegally.

Monday, October 26, 2009

ice cream baby

Ice Cream is consuming my thoughts. I had these amazing ice cream pops a few weeks ago - Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream bars - and now I can't find them ANYWHERE.

Does anyone in the metro area know where I can purchase them? Ya'll I'm serious here. This is not a joke. I really truly am craving them.

I took a day off today to sleep. And, sleep I did. But, I was up before noon, hurray!
Then, I promptly stayed home. I'd love to go see a movie but there's nothing decent out right now. And, I mean decent - something you, your grandmother, and your pastor could all watch together in the same room.


But, good news. If you're looking for a house sitter, I'm your girl. food money and $100 a week. that's cheap, eh. I'm getting my name known and then before you know it, I'll be able to buy a house and move out of here.

Oh, yeah, and my salary, which is below the cost of living, prevents me from moving out. It was a very sad day back in September when I realized I allowed myself to be hired for $3K less than what I had been making at SMM. Sad day indeed. I can't even afford to have a roommate. Thats very sad and depressing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is it Monday yet?

Dude, an hour ago, I totally thought 2mrw was Monday. Oh, I really need a break. a break from reality that is. I need some re-charge time. for realz.

God is always with me. But, I need some just me time. I'm hoping I can disappear for a few days sometime soon.

I'm thinking I love to house sit. I wonder if I can make that into a part time gig. Whattya think?

Our icebreaker for 2mrw's Life Night is bobbing for apples. The cashier at Wal-Mart tonight didn't even bat an eyelash when I moseyed on up to her with 10 bags of apples! Should make for a wet and squishy night 2mrw. Let's hope they can transition into scenarios smoothly.

We've been trying to get Parents' Night Out to take off at the parish. Not so well. Our average is 3 kids. I'm seriously considering a family deal of $50 for 4 or more kids in one family. I think we'll try it. The teens who work it are working on pure profit from the kids who show up. And, I'd really like for this to work.

Really honestly need a part time job. House sitting would be ideal. We shall see. I charge food money + $100. $50 for a half a week. Let me know.
- My past experiences - dogs, chickens, fish, plants, gardens. I don't do well with parakeets and the like. But, I love those big bounding puppies. Or dogs who think they are puppies.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wahoo! Yay!

there is normally just one thing I want on Sunday night after Life Teen - a Grande Coffee Frappucino from Starbucks! Most Sunday's I make it before closing time @ 10:30. Tonight, I wanted to try something new - Espresso Chocolate Truffle. But, they were out, so I reverted back to the same old Frapp. But, I did find out something - there's a 24-hour drive-thru Starbucks just up the road in Vinings! Wahoo!

Also, it being that time of the month - I also am craving fried chicken from Publix. Yum. I didn't even care that I have a plate full of homemade tamales - a gift from a teen's family. I just wanted the chicken. Thank goodness the Publix near me is open til 11 pm.

Yay for fried chicken once a month!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


oh graciious! two posts in one week. wow! ok, sorry for the sarcasm. but, eh!

I love my teens a lot! I love them so much that I will drive to far distant lands known as Alpharetta to retrieve a birthday scrapbook that was left on the bus coming back from retreat last weekend.

The drive isn't far, only about 35 minutes. And, I used my GPS for some of it. Though it did have me taking the Andretti freeway, also known as GA-400. Which I didn't take, and got to listen to "Lily" say 're-calculating' several times.

I drove past Stone Creek, which is Candied Ginger's church. Which reminded me of her, and how I haven't been able to see my sorority sisters in many years. :(

I had a run-in with a bird on the way back. Turns out the stuff left on my windshield and hood of my mini-van (yes, I drive a mini-van) was not blood, but excrement. That was A LOT of excrement with berries!

On the way back, I also stopped at two Catholic bookstores - Ave Maria and Two Hearts. Ave Maria is located directly off Hwy 9 in downtown Alpharetta. Everything in Alpharetta is more expensive as I would find out later. Two Hearts is located off Westwind Blvd, which is the road you take to BT high school and St Peter Chanel in Roswell. Very Cool store! Their logo is just absolutely breath-taking. I didn't spend more than a half an hour inside - I wanted to miss the traffic. BUT, I most definitely WILL be back. I was told later they have a unique bracelet that I will find amazing!

And, then because my steering wheel appeared to have Parkinson's I went to Kauffman Tire to get an alignment. Only to find out that I have 2 hundredth and 3 hundredth tread left on my front and rear tires. Knowing that I live paycheck to paycheck, I could only get new front tires. Rear ones will have to wait til next payday. :(

I am still looking for a PT gig. Anyone know of any moms needing Only morning help 3 mornings a week. If I want to get out on my own, I need a job. Or even a Starbucks or fast food early shift. I would even stock at Wal-Mart in the evenings.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

alrighty then

alrighty then.

its been a few too many weeks since my last post, eh?

obviously, i stay really busy with the youth ministry. Currently, I am in a week of much needed rest. Though, for two nights, I've had to go in -- Tuesday to teach Confirmation and Wednesday to go to ADORE, which is P&W and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! Whoo-hoo.

Did I happen to mention I am in the middle of a 9 novena novena. Well, I am. Along with 8 other people - 6 women and 2 men. And, yes, the intention of our novena is for our vocation. That our Lord, Sweet Jesus, would point out to us concretely just what is He wants of us in this regard. We currently are in our fifth novena. Each novena has a saint attached to it as well as our daily prayer. This novena it is St. Ann. Anyone remember the rhyme "St Ann, St Ann, find me a man"? is that trite?

Our Fall Retreat - Joyful Noise - was this past weekend. I can tell you that the Holy Spirit is-a-moving in our youth group. His manifestation of gifts is IMMENSE! Our teens are just so very open to receiving Him and being a vessel of true love. Its A-MA-ZING to watch and be a part of it. God is moving here. They, the teens, encourage us adults in our own faith life-journey so very much.

I realized about last month that there is NO possible way for me to move out as of right now. I need to be making about $3K more a year. I also realized that I allowed myself to be hired at a much lower salary than what I was receiving at the last parish I worked for. bummer, to say the least. God knows. And in His own timing!

So, right now, I am debating getting a 2nd job. I know, right! It will have to be in an industry where I can work early mornings: 6 am - 11 am, and only a few times a week - Tues, Wed, Thurs. B/c with my current position, that's all I can offer.
Industries I have thought of so far: re-stocking shelves; fast food; coffee barista; day care; child care. Anyone else think of something? I figure I need to bring home post-taxes, $150 a week to make this dream of mine -- owning a home -- a reality.

That's all folks!