Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wahoo! Yay!

there is normally just one thing I want on Sunday night after Life Teen - a Grande Coffee Frappucino from Starbucks! Most Sunday's I make it before closing time @ 10:30. Tonight, I wanted to try something new - Espresso Chocolate Truffle. But, they were out, so I reverted back to the same old Frapp. But, I did find out something - there's a 24-hour drive-thru Starbucks just up the road in Vinings! Wahoo!

Also, it being that time of the month - I also am craving fried chicken from Publix. Yum. I didn't even care that I have a plate full of homemade tamales - a gift from a teen's family. I just wanted the chicken. Thank goodness the Publix near me is open til 11 pm.

Yay for fried chicken once a month!