Saturday, October 17, 2009


oh graciious! two posts in one week. wow! ok, sorry for the sarcasm. but, eh!

I love my teens a lot! I love them so much that I will drive to far distant lands known as Alpharetta to retrieve a birthday scrapbook that was left on the bus coming back from retreat last weekend.

The drive isn't far, only about 35 minutes. And, I used my GPS for some of it. Though it did have me taking the Andretti freeway, also known as GA-400. Which I didn't take, and got to listen to "Lily" say 're-calculating' several times.

I drove past Stone Creek, which is Candied Ginger's church. Which reminded me of her, and how I haven't been able to see my sorority sisters in many years. :(

I had a run-in with a bird on the way back. Turns out the stuff left on my windshield and hood of my mini-van (yes, I drive a mini-van) was not blood, but excrement. That was A LOT of excrement with berries!

On the way back, I also stopped at two Catholic bookstores - Ave Maria and Two Hearts. Ave Maria is located directly off Hwy 9 in downtown Alpharetta. Everything in Alpharetta is more expensive as I would find out later. Two Hearts is located off Westwind Blvd, which is the road you take to BT high school and St Peter Chanel in Roswell. Very Cool store! Their logo is just absolutely breath-taking. I didn't spend more than a half an hour inside - I wanted to miss the traffic. BUT, I most definitely WILL be back. I was told later they have a unique bracelet that I will find amazing!

And, then because my steering wheel appeared to have Parkinson's I went to Kauffman Tire to get an alignment. Only to find out that I have 2 hundredth and 3 hundredth tread left on my front and rear tires. Knowing that I live paycheck to paycheck, I could only get new front tires. Rear ones will have to wait til next payday. :(

I am still looking for a PT gig. Anyone know of any moms needing Only morning help 3 mornings a week. If I want to get out on my own, I need a job. Or even a Starbucks or fast food early shift. I would even stock at Wal-Mart in the evenings.