Thursday, October 15, 2009

alrighty then

alrighty then.

its been a few too many weeks since my last post, eh?

obviously, i stay really busy with the youth ministry. Currently, I am in a week of much needed rest. Though, for two nights, I've had to go in -- Tuesday to teach Confirmation and Wednesday to go to ADORE, which is P&W and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament! Whoo-hoo.

Did I happen to mention I am in the middle of a 9 novena novena. Well, I am. Along with 8 other people - 6 women and 2 men. And, yes, the intention of our novena is for our vocation. That our Lord, Sweet Jesus, would point out to us concretely just what is He wants of us in this regard. We currently are in our fifth novena. Each novena has a saint attached to it as well as our daily prayer. This novena it is St. Ann. Anyone remember the rhyme "St Ann, St Ann, find me a man"? is that trite?

Our Fall Retreat - Joyful Noise - was this past weekend. I can tell you that the Holy Spirit is-a-moving in our youth group. His manifestation of gifts is IMMENSE! Our teens are just so very open to receiving Him and being a vessel of true love. Its A-MA-ZING to watch and be a part of it. God is moving here. They, the teens, encourage us adults in our own faith life-journey so very much.

I realized about last month that there is NO possible way for me to move out as of right now. I need to be making about $3K more a year. I also realized that I allowed myself to be hired at a much lower salary than what I was receiving at the last parish I worked for. bummer, to say the least. God knows. And in His own timing!

So, right now, I am debating getting a 2nd job. I know, right! It will have to be in an industry where I can work early mornings: 6 am - 11 am, and only a few times a week - Tues, Wed, Thurs. B/c with my current position, that's all I can offer.
Industries I have thought of so far: re-stocking shelves; fast food; coffee barista; day care; child care. Anyone else think of something? I figure I need to bring home post-taxes, $150 a week to make this dream of mine -- owning a home -- a reality.

That's all folks!