Friday, March 27, 2009


yeah, yeah...i know its 1 am...whatever

I remembered 30 minutes ago that I still haven't fill out an insurance see its for prior coverage credits or something...i have to mail into them all the places I received medical treatment from for May 2008 til now!  yeah, i know...for some of that was in the monastery...thank goodness for journals and a 2008 calendar or I wouldn't be able to remember...b/c from May to July 2008, it all just runs together...

and so thats what brought me here, found a quote from me in said journal:
"If you're serving out of duty; that's bunk.  Perfect service is done out of LOVE for neighbor expecting NOTHING in return." 
that is something I definitely needed to hear just a few mere months ago..

and also tonight, I hooked us up with DISH network, and after 2 hours of searching finally found naked DSL through AT&T...b/c there was NO way we were sticking with Comcast (who I have to call on Monday to cancel) -- their customer service is awful...we've been trying to get our intermittant service fixed since the very least July was probably happening before then but my parents are clueless when it comes to these things...God love them!

also watched "Knowing" today...thought it was going to be a really good end-of-the-world suspense thriller...instead - a seriously hokey Cocoon-ET-Scary Movie like film...YECK!!  Shoulda stayed home and just watched one of my favorites - Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day!  whatever.

tomorrow or really later today  I have spiritual direction...looking fwd to it...

my hair is in clown stage...its getting longer yet crazier in the afro stage...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Our internet goes out about 3x a day.  Because we have Vonage, this also means our land line does not work either.  The time span for each outage is usually around 3 hours each.  Yeck!  We've called Comcast (internet/cable provider)  numerous times.  Each time they tell us they'll fix it and every week we have to call them back.  Oh, yes, that's right, I have to call on my wireless and go through the motions that I am the daughter and all that jazz... I am soooooooooooooooo sick of it.  And, not even that, our wireless internet has not worked for over two weeks.  So, if I want to be online, I have to use mom's computer which is in her bedroom.  And, I can't be online past 10 pm.  Let's not even go there.

So, I've been looking at several different options.  Currently we pay $60 for basic cable and cable internet.  And $35 for Vonage.  This is monthly.  Total is $95.

ATT high-speed internet is $35 monthly.   DISH network is about $65 monthly.  That leaves phone.  We love Vonage b/c mom can call India for pennies.  So, I looked around on Clark Howard's site and came across Ooma.  It would cost about $250 and would be a one-time price.  Over all, I think this will work for us.  My brother is coming home this weekend and will speak to the parents.  I will probably buy Ooma for the house.  And, they'll continue to pay for cable/internet.  But, overall I think this will be better.  And, we won't be getting gipped on the internet service.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fruits and Vegetables

New things are brewing over at the sister blog - I Need A Cookie

I got the idea from my brother actually.  To post what I eat daily.  I'll just have remember to take pictures...

This should be fun!

I often wonder how many people stick to the 3 meals a day rule.  I know the sisters in Summit do.  I don't.  I snack in between, so it ends up being 3 meals - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - and three snack times, as well as, a dessert after dinner.

Being a vegetarian hasn't been horrible.  I've gotten to be creative with what I eat, AND I've eaten a few things I haven't ever.

Yesterday, I tried Burger King's Veggie Burger.  I really was craving a hamburger, but didn't want to break my fast.  So, I went just with the notion to get fries, but instead tried the Veggie Burger.  It was ACTUALLY really good.  and it gave me some ideas for future meals.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Holiday on my Birthday

I have a Keith Urban song stuck in my head AND

I booked my Carnival Cruise today.  Whoop!  Whoop!

5 days and 4 nights aboard the Holiday!  I can't wait for August to come.  A special thanks goes out to my mom for footing the bill!  Oh, and if you're thinking of trying out a cruise, my personal vacation planner, Tim, is fantastic.  I found him through one of my CORE leaders!  Through email, I will give you his number.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Confirmation of 65 Confirmands is this Sunday (Mar 8).  If you can swing a few prayers, that would be fantastic!  

 also, I am looking for an Administrative Assistant.  My current one is quitting as her other PT job pays a lot more than us, like 3.5 times what we pay her.  So, she has informed me, her last day is April 1st....ACK!  I am hoping I find  someone in time.  She is very valuable to me and I thank Jesus every day for her!  I hope the person He sends will be just as much of a lifesaver!

We had SNOW on Sunday.  A lot of us YM's thought it was enough to cancel our LN's.  The minimal stuff we got here at my house promptly melted at 5 pm that afternoon.  But, I heard tales of locations 2 hours SOUTH that got about 4 inches!  and places north of here that didn't get one flake...all my teens are praying for another snowstorm, so, of course, they will get out of school on Monday.

If you don't live here in GA, you have to be told that EVERYTHING shuts down and there's a mad dash for milk and eggs in the grocery store!  I am very thankful for those many months I spent driving in the snowy mid-west while on NET.  Because I can go out and believe that I am the only one living here in a 30-mile radius.