Friday, March 27, 2009


yeah, yeah...i know its 1 am...whatever

I remembered 30 minutes ago that I still haven't fill out an insurance see its for prior coverage credits or something...i have to mail into them all the places I received medical treatment from for May 2008 til now!  yeah, i know...for some of that was in the monastery...thank goodness for journals and a 2008 calendar or I wouldn't be able to remember...b/c from May to July 2008, it all just runs together...

and so thats what brought me here, found a quote from me in said journal:
"If you're serving out of duty; that's bunk.  Perfect service is done out of LOVE for neighbor expecting NOTHING in return." 
that is something I definitely needed to hear just a few mere months ago..

and also tonight, I hooked us up with DISH network, and after 2 hours of searching finally found naked DSL through AT&T...b/c there was NO way we were sticking with Comcast (who I have to call on Monday to cancel) -- their customer service is awful...we've been trying to get our intermittant service fixed since the very least July was probably happening before then but my parents are clueless when it comes to these things...God love them!

also watched "Knowing" today...thought it was going to be a really good end-of-the-world suspense thriller...instead - a seriously hokey Cocoon-ET-Scary Movie like film...YECK!!  Shoulda stayed home and just watched one of my favorites - Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day!  whatever.

tomorrow or really later today  I have spiritual direction...looking fwd to it...

my hair is in clown stage...its getting longer yet crazier in the afro stage...

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