Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Winding down

Today. Nothing really exciting. I cleaned the car. Trimmed down some more because I keep thinking I'm bringing too much. Though I have 2 suitcases of books! I'm such a Dominican. ;)

Relaxing now with SC's girls watching Despicable Me. It's such a cute movie.

I am so grateful that through God, I am re-entering tomorrow. :D

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So....I got a tattoo. One of my friends said I only live once. I prayed about it and decided to get one.

NOT!!!! :)

I did NOT get a tattoo today.  I took a picture of my friends' tattoo and posed it as mine...if it was a REAL one, the skin would be red around the edges...and there's no way that my skin color is that light!

Thanks for the laughs.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thank You

Thank you for all of the lovely comments these last few years that ya'll have posted.
I'm turning off comments tonight.  I don't know if I'll have access again.
I'll continue to blog until Thursday.

You can write me at the monastery if you wish.  I can't guarantee a response.  You can find the sisters' mailing address under the contact tab of the monastery website:  Address it to Sr. Deepa.
Please know that you all are in my prayer book, some of you by name!

Travel Day

It was hard leaving today. I took in all the smells in the morning. Coffee brewing.

A 12 hour drive included 4 pit stops. :)
And driving thru the Baltimore Harbor tunnel was awesome.
Because it means I'm about 3 hours from home!!!!

A few pictures from today. I did NOT take my eyes off the road while taking pictures. And yet there is an awesome shot of the Baltimore Harbor tunnel!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chained to the Eucharist and Mary

I am so blessed to have been in GA for four years.
Our Sweet Lord's plan has always been best!
I am content. At peace within myself. And So Full of Joy!!

I am in awe of the outpouring of Love. The people in my life show me Christ's Love thru their witness and action.

I moved out of AR's house today. The car is full. Some of it is going to SC's house. And the rest is coming with me.

Tonight is a GNO and sleepover with LF. Sunday: Fuddrucker's stop by and say hi. And one last family dinner.
Monday: 12 hours of driving, and it looks like its going to rain all day. Boo. Maybe I can drive out of it and beat it to MD. Hopefully I will arrive in MD by dinner time.
Tuesday and Wednesday: spending it with friends in MD.

And then Thursday. :D

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freestylin' Butterfly song for me

One of my seniors wrote me a song.

My favorite line: "Now she's going back, Satan take that!"

Here are the lyrics:

let's take a look at my youth minister
4 years counting, and I love her like a sister
June 11, to New Jersey.
No, she didn't rehearse this.
Back to Summit to be a nun, say what?
Yeah, 2nd time not first. Bc her soul thirsts.
Taking the leap, but not blind.
She's set her mind.
Living her vocation, through separation.
His plans not hers, but she's been following His voice.
Let's go back to a time when she was 17 and in life teen.
Spending her days by the tabernacle, like she's restrained and shackled.
But she was not penalized, she understood the sacrifice.
Her love for Him radiated, and so a journey was initiated.
She was told she should be a sister, what? uh uh mister.
You should try it out, it won't be a bummer. Sure sure she responded next summer.
Asked to go to a nun run, but turned it down. She was completely frozen.
But asked Jesus why, if she loved boys and made too much noise.
Got Asked again, but booked her schedule. which was a bit ridicule. But God had her sched cleared, since she wasn't being sincere.
Father had it all paid, so she went with the parade.
Came back on fire, Yeah, she was a little lighter.
Deciding where to enter, feeling desire to be a teacher.
She found a blog of cloistered nuns, but couldn't understand the idea of being secluded.
She was denied a teacher, her chance was ruined.
But the cloistered had perpetual rosary and perpetual adoration
She made no hesitations, she emailed a sister and they couldn't resist her.
Our Deepa was now a Dominican, but something was sunken. It was dark and she was alone. She had to make a hard decision, you know.
Back into the world, 2008. It was now too late. She ended up at Saint Thomas, Yeah she totally lost it.
Made new friends, impacted lives, but there's one special little butterfly.
& Butterfly says: I'll miss you and i'll love you, thanks for praying for me. But I see it's time for you to leave. We've laughed and we've cried. Our times were never dry. You've helped me grow bc I never get to low. You truly are an inspiration, such a wonderful sensation to have met you. God put us together for a reason. We're such alike, just like twins. I'll never forget Ikea days, and calling AAA. The chance to explore vocations and take me east of the nation. Retreats, lifenights and conventions. Chinese food, snowball and Fro-yo spoons. Sushi, baking and icecream. *swoon*
Now shes going back, satan take that.
Living her life for Jesus, in the Eucharist she sees us.
We love you sista & we'll always be with yah.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Pentecost, we had a Summer Sunday - we play games or watch a movie. Because the evening Spanish Mass was at another location, we played hide 'n' seek.
A few of us crawled under the stage. It was completely safe. And bonus, an awesome place to hide.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Well, then. JMJ, pray for us.

I have experienced a flood of Love!
Jesus has me right where He wants me.
I brought Snowball to CarMax on Thursday, and they offered $4,000. Not what I was expecting. But a decent offer. Just enough to pay off the car loan. So, I'm taking it back this week to accept their offer.

And, through generous people, I'm entering.
Praise God and Hallelujah!
The Life Teen going-away partay was tonight, and I loved every minute. My teens are amazing people! I am so privileged to be a part of their lives and to watch them mature into young adults. I am going to miss them tons. God has been so good to me!!!

Off to bed. Last dentist appointment in the morning. :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

10,000 Reasons and Where I Belong

There are two worship songs in my head right now.
10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) by Matt Redman

Where I Belong by Building 429

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Request: for Snowball

Prayer Request for Snowball, my minivan.

I am taking the minivan into CarMax on Friday.  My prayer is that they give me at the very least $6000 for the minivan.

That's my prayer request.

I've had two going-away parties so far this week!  I am plum tuckered out already.
Tonight is a dinner with friends, and Sunday is the Life Teen going-away party.  I know that there are surprises for that one.  I'm trying to be really good about it.  About not trying to find out.

I am so full of peace and joy; at times I feel I might burst.

Two weeks from 2mrw, I will be back HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is sooo good!  His Love for me is overwhelming.  When He wants you somewhere, He will stop at nothing to take you there.  And, His timing is perfect!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The beginning of the end - deleting FB accounts

Deleting my work FB account

the reason I gave FB for deleting my work account

I'm in the midst of deleting documents, online accounts.  I am purging all that is not of Him.  And, its so freeing!  Seriously! :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't underestimate the Power of God

Coming off of a Pentecost high, its truly amazing to watch God work.
I have reached my goal of $21,000.  I can hardly believe it myself.
This week, I've received over $4,000 in donations!!!!
Today alone a gift of $2,000.  And, before I could turn the chipin link off, another $100 came in!
Two more paychecks and I will be debt-free.

I truly can enter ON TIME!  And, to think that my plan is God's plan is utterly overwhelming.

I am so very grateful to all of my benefactors.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Jesus, thank you for pursuing me in a way that only I would recognize.  Thank You for never giving up on me!  I love You and I Praise You for ALL You have done in my life, and ALL You will do in my life for years to come!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Trust in YOU

God is sooooo GOOD to me. I am so unworthy of His affection! With His grace, I will persevere. JOY floods my soul!

Today, I received another $1,000 donation!!! :)

Yes, we are in the home stretch!  Whatever happens, happens.

I believe God is placing it on more than a few people's hearts to donate. He probably knows that promptings from Him do not always get heard or acted on.  It's truly amazing the support He's given me in the last 3 months!

If you've donated, please be looking in your email for a message from me this coming week.

And, I'll know concretely if I'm indeed entering on Sacred Heart by Friday, June 8th.  I will be letting all of the world and blogosphere know!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I Trust in YOU!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

This makes me Smile

I know it's not Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I'm running through old emails and journal entries reminiscing.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love the FALL season - pumpkin everything, leaves changing color, weather's cooler, Advent, baby Jesus, etc??
And, I found the item below, and HAD to share.  Made me smile, so I hope you will too.  

Also, I promise, I am blogging on Sunday.  Three high school graduations this weekend!!!  I am so blessed!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Where You Are, Lord I Am Free

I'm getting closer.  Thanks to the generosity of so many people!  My heart is overwhelmed with JOY.  It is bursting!  I have about $6K overall, but that amount includes me selling Snowball, my minivan.  So, only about $2800 left to pay off.  yay! :)

Not only did we celebrate Ascension on Sunday, but we had our annual Baccalaureate Mass.  I managed to hold it together, just barely.  You see, this year's graduating class, are the teens I started with.  I've known them since they were Freshmen!!! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Overflow in me, My Lord

Overflow in me, My Lord

My heart is full.  I am almost entirely detached.  I have given up 90% of what I own.  For Him!

And, He keeps surprising me.  Today, I received a $1,000 donation in the mail.  A $1,000!!!!
Our Sweet Lord cannot be outdone in generosity.  All I have to offer is myself.  I open up my hands to receive His mercy and His love.  He Loves Us So Completely.  And, we are so unworthy of this LOVE.  And, yet, He shows us more!

I sit here grateful.  Grateful for the time to share with others Him!  Grateful for friends.  Grateful for family.  Grateful for hard times.  Grateful for persecution.  Grateful for strangers kindness.  Grateful for faith.  Grateful for hope.

May we all one day meet together in heaven and rejoice in all He's done for each one of us.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Plan B vs Snowball

I stare at my budget every single day. Working and re-working the figures. 

This week, through the kindness of others and people purchasing some of my 'last things' items, I've been able to shave off $1200!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Just so we're on the same page

I believe when someone jumps to conclusions, one has not asked the person for explanation.  I know that I have been guilty of that at times.

I feel an explanation needs to be made.  I am not asking to be "bailed out" of my personal debt.  I've lived paycheck to paycheck for as long as I can remember.  If I had savings, trust me, I'd use it.  Since discovering that God is indeed calling me back to religious life, I've been on a very strict budget to pay off my personal debt myself.  If I am able to sell my minivan for $8400, I'll be able to use the overage ($4600) to pay off most of the personal debt I'll have remaining.  I've been paying about $500-600 out of every paycheck towards my personal debt, starting this coming pay period $750 (which coincidentally is 67% of my paycheck).  Trust me, if I had the time to have gotten a second job, I would have.  My other bills include a car payment, cell phone bill, student loan payment, rent, groceries, gas, and car insurance.

Monday, May 7, 2012

300 days wages

Today was Messy Game night.  My. Last. Messy Game night.  And, there was a forecast of thunderstorms.  And, we prayed the rain would cease until after we went home.  And, it did.  Thank You for answering our prayers with a yes.

Also, today, received a few more donations.  One of which, I was completely floored.  by the amount.  One of my CORE, LuLu** (to protect identity), said she would donate.  And, today before Mass she told me she had money to give me.  Me, being the YM, asked was it for the mission trip the teens were going on.  She went on to say it was for the monestery.  Also, that the amount she was giving was given to her in prayer.  And, it was given over and over.  And, this amount was a fairly large amount.  for her or for any of my other CORE for that matter.  I am still in complete shock.  Considering it is the same amount of money that Fr Joseph Peek pushed into my hand so many years ago on the Nun Run I attended when I was "discerning".

God is doing so many crazy wacky things in my life.  I know in my heart of hearts that if He wants me to enter Summit on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He Will Do It.  Nothing will stop Him.

And, so from now until entrance, I will be working hard and praying hard.  

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I took a two-hour nap this evening. So, I'm awake now at 12:30 am.  And tomorrow is a discernment Mass at our Chancery.  Hopefully, I can sleep soon after writing this post.

Update: May 31, 2012: All of my electronics have been SOLD!!! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

He Never Gives Up

Happy Feast day!  Sts Philip and James, pray for us.

Jesus keeps providing, and I keep begging.  Begging is HARD! Its hard to ask someone for something.  And, its hard to keep asking when I'm rejected 9 times out of 10.

I've had 3 donors this week, and I sold my GPS.  I used banking points to get another GPS, which I plan on giving to the sisters.  So, I'm not without maps and directions.

And, hopefully, tomorrow, in between errands I can place the photos of my remaining in-the-world items online.

Jesus keeps reminding me gently that He's made me for a specific purpose.  And, He loves me.  And, the promise He made to me long ago, He plans on keeping.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't hide the desires of your heart.

Spiritual direction today.

I need more honest with myself and with others.  And, I need to allow people to help. And, so many of you have.  I've entrusted my desires to the Lord, and now its time to take action.  And to keep acting. 
As hard as it is for me to ask for help I must.  I am in a relationship with the Lord.  The Lord called me, can you help the Lord bring me to the monastery?
If you've already given, THANK YOU!!!!  If you haven't, please consider donating money to get me to the monastery.  You can donate to my paypal or if you'd like to write a check and mail it, click here for an address (its at the bottom of the post).  No amount is too small; remember the widow's mite?

Please share my blog and my story with others.  Share via twitter, email, facebook, word of mouth, etc.

I cannot do this alone.  I cannot pay off my debt without the kindness of others.  And, continue to pray.

The hardest thing for me to do is to ask for help.  It has never been easy for me.  I've always relied on myself.  I've entrusted myself to His care, but done it on my own.

As far as I am aware, there is to be no fundraiser for me at our parish.  I do not know the reasons, as I wasn't given any.  I hope that I might be able to share my story with our parishioners to give Glory to God.  But, as to when, I do not have an answer.

And, I will ask whomever asks about my vocation and when I am leaving, if they can help the Lord get me to the monestary by donating what they can.

I am looking forward to these last weeks as youth minister; my last day is Wednesday, June 6.  Being more relational with our teens and parishioners brings JOY to my face.  God is Good.

His timing is perfect.  I am not running a race with Jesus, I am walking in relationship with Him.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My vocation story on video

<video updated May 4, 2012>

Tonight, I was asked to give my testimony at a Life Night on vocations.  And, we recorded it.  Yay!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a Fortnight of Freedom ~ June 21-July 4

Our First, Most Cherished Liberty: A Statement on Religious Liberty

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty

We are Catholics. We are Americans. We are proud to be both, grateful for the gift of faith which is ours as Christian disciples, and grateful for the gift of liberty which is ours as American citizens. To be Catholic and American should mean not having to choose one over the other. Our allegiances are distinct, but they need not be contradictory, and should instead be complementary. That is the teaching of our Catholic faith, which obliges us to work together with fellow citizens for the common good of all who live in this land. That is the vision of our founding and our Constitution, which guarantees citizens of all religious faiths the right to contribute to our common life together.

Freedom is not only for Americans, but we think of it as something of our special inheritance, fought for at a great price, and a heritage to be guarded now. We are stewards of this gift, not only for ourselves but for all nations and peoples who yearn to be free. Catholics in America have discharged this duty of guarding freedom admirably for many generations.

Read the rest of the article on the USCCB website

9th novena: St. Dominic

9th novena: St. Dominic. April 17 through April 25.

O Holy Priest of God and glorious Patriarch, St. Dominic, thou who wast the friend, the well-beloved son and confidant of the Queen of Heaven, and didst work so many miracles by the power of the Holy Rosary, have regard for my intercessions.
On earth you opened your heart to the miseries of your fellow man, and your hands were strong to help them; now in heaven your charity has not grown less nor has your power waned.
Pray for me to the Mother of the Rosary and to her divine Son, for I have great confidence that through your assistance I shall obtain the favor I so much desire: (mention your intentions). Amen.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Monday, April 16, 2012

Melissa's ingenuity

One of my graduating teens has a blog.  She is so creative.  She left her camera recording during our setup for peer minister interviews.  And, this video is what she created.

5th Joyful Mystery meditation

I've been invited to speak at a Life Night on vocations, and share my testimony with their young people.  
I found my journals from Oct 2004 through June 2007.  I'm reading through them to see how my life unfolded by the grace of God's hand.

I just passed over this entry:

I'm meditating on the 5th Joyful mystery.  Jesus says, "Didn't you know I'd be in My Father's house?"  In other words, 'Mom, why didn't you look here in the first place?'  When we're searching for God, why don't we go first to Church instead of looking in all the wrong places.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Divine Mercy Sunday

This should come as no surprise, I have a HUGE devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  And, its one of my ALL-TIME favorite feast days -

I still remember when I first fell in love with Him, my ninth grade year.  Through none other than my confirmation saint - St Catherine of Siena.  May I Bathe in His Blood.  Oh, my sweet Christ, how I love thee!
May we all bathe in His blood of Love and Mercy!
Happy Feast!!

30 years of NET Ministries, a history


I served with NET USA 2002-2003 and 2003-2004.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I need to trust in Him...but it's so hard sometimes

Jesus looked at them and said, “For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.”
And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands for the sake of my name will receive a hundred times more, and will inherit eternal life.
~ Matthew 19:26, 29

How true this is?  Lord, I wish I had the patience to wait.

This evening one of my teens said, "Deepa, is the only thing standing in your way of entering money?"

The only thing I have left is personal debt, everything else has been accounted for.  
That little grapevine fundraiser therometer to your right is actually only part of what's left.  I have exactly $10,083 left.  If nothing else happens, I can stay at my job until June 8, and I sell everything that I have left for what I'd like to sell it for, then I might just squeeze by and be able to enter, God-willing, on Friday, June 15th, the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

My van has to sell for at least $4600 over what's left on the loan ($4200).  I have to sell my Iphone 4 for the amount of my early termination fee which should be around $300.
And, then there's the techie items and such I have left ~ CrockPot, Food processor, Cooler #1, Cooler #2, iHome, Laptop, Digital Video Camera, Digital Camera, GOgroove FlexSmart, Kindle Fire, GPS, ipod nano, clothes and odds and ends.

Its stressful.  And, yes, I am worried that I won't have enough, or that I won't be able to sell my car or the other items for the amount that I need.  Aiyyyy!  

I trust in God.  I've been trying to do all that I can to prepare.  I trust that His plan is best.  But, I also freak out because work could totally tell me that I have to resign in May so that our assistant youth minister can take over for me.

I need to trust.  It's just that its getting oh-so-much closer and I am slowly stressing out.

Please pray for me.  And I for you.  Pray for a financial miracle of at least $1000 of this remaining debt to be taken care of by a donor or donors.  Because I'm not sure if my math is correct.  And, I honestly don't know how I'll get back to Summit if I have any debt remaining after my last paycheck.

Also, please share my testimony with others.  You never know if God has told them to give, but no one's asked.   

Thank you for listening.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tagxedo and Turtles

We have these word clouds all over our religious education building for the 1st communicants.  And, they are CUTE!  Our DRE told me how she did them -  And, best of all, it's free.

The sisters posted one, and so I designed one too.
I chose it to be in the form of a turtle, just because I like turtles.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Snowball, Long-term Rental, and Insurance

Lent seemed like it passed me by.  It was so fast.  And for being my favorite season, next to Easter, it did go by quick.

Or maybe its because I basically realized I have about 10 weeks left.  Aiy. :)

So, there's a bunch of odds and ends to tie up before leaving.

I need to sell a bunch of techie things, including my car.
But, this also presents a bit of a problem.

I decided a long time ago that I was going to drive myself up to NJ.  See some friends one last time.  I booked a car rental through  Who, I must say, is the best deal overall!  I got a mid-size car for a week for $384 with taxes.  And, this is one-way!  Other companies wanted to charge me over $1100 to take it from GA to NJ.

So, what if I get a buyer for my precious Snowball before June 8th?  What am I supposed to drive til then? 

The good news is that my current insurance company will still cover me, under a non-owner policy.

I wonder if anyone has an extra car lying around that I can drive during this interim, instead of trying to raise the selling price to cover a long-term rental.

If you know of such a car, let me know.  I'd need through June 8th b/c that's when I pick up my rental car to drive to NJ.

Things are rolling along otherwise.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And, God is in control. :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

8th novena: Bl. John Paul II

8th novena: Bl. John Paul II. April 8 through April 16.

O Blessed Trinity We thank You for having graced the Church with Pope John Paul II and for allowing the tenderness of your Fatherly care, the glory of the cross of Christ, and the splendor of the Holy Spirit, to shine through him.
Trusting fully in Your infinite mercy and in the maternal intercession of Mary, he has given us a living image of Jesus the Good Shepherd, and has shown us that holiness is the necessary measure of ordinary Christian life and is the way of achieving eternal communion with you.
Grant us, by his intercession, and according to Your will, the graces we implore, hoping that he will soon be numbered among your saints.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Summit sisters on FoxNews

Click on the picture below to watch and read the article that Fox News correspondent, Lauren Green, did on the Dominican Nuns in Summit, NJ! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

7th novena: St Monica

7th novena: St Monica. March 30 through April 7.

Dear Saint Monica, once sorrowing mother of a wayward son, be pleased to present our petition to the Lord God of heaven and earth. (Pause to mention intentions.) Look down upon our anxieties and needs, and intercede for us, as you did so fervently for Augustine, your firstborn.

We have full confidence that your prayers will gain a favorable hearing in heaven. Mother of a sinner-turned saint; obtain for us patience, perseverance, and total trust in God's perfect timing. In His appointed hour, in His merciful way, may He respond to your prayer and ours, which we offer through you. Amen.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

6th Novena: St. Pio of Pietrelcina

6th novena: St Pio of Pietrelcina. March 21 through March 29.

Dear God, Thou hast generously blessed Thy servant, St. Pio of Pietrelcina, with the gifts of the Spirit. Thou hast marked his body with the five wounds of Christ Crucified, as a powerful witness to the saving Passion and Death of Thy Son. Endowed with the gift of discernment, St. Pio labored endlessly in the confessional for the salvation of souls. With reverence and intense devotion in the celebration of Mass, he invited countless men and women to a greater union with Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.

Through the intercession of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, I confidently beseech Thee to grant me the grace of (mention your intentions here). Amen.
Recite three Glorias.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Retreat and Confirmation

one picture to sum up this weekend before I post on Tuesday.
This weekend was a gentle reminder that our God loves us emphatically and unconditionally.  We always will see each other in the Eucharist.  This is not the end, this is just the beginning.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

to be willing and to participate

I realized I still hadn't shared my vocation story.  Well, at least in one blog posting.

My Vocation Story on video

What My Name Is

What My Name Is...Not!

So, there's been lots of discussion and questions as to what I'd like my name to be.

Two of my very close friends and spiritual director are the only ones who have guessed correctly.

I have people guessing all over the place.  In order for it to be correct, the name guessed has to include not only my name but also my title, all in correct order.

I can tell you this - it will not be Sr Veronica Marie of the Heart of Jesus.  We do not double up on names for it would extremely confusing.  There is already a Sr. Mary Veronica.

And, no, if you post the correct name in the comment box, I will not tell you if you are right or wrong. ;)

Its really interesting some of the names that the teens guess.  
My only hint is that it describes me through and through.

Some of the popular and less popular guesses have been:

Sr.  Maria of the Carotid Artery of Jesus
Sr. Kunegunda of the Holy Aorta of Jesus
Sr. Mary Jerome of the Crucifixion
Sr. Mary Augustine of St. Catherine
Sr. Mary Monica of St. Catherine
Sr. Mary Rachel of St. Catherine

It's an educational way to learn about monastic life.  

I am at peace knowing that Jesus is my one and only constant.  
Please pray for a very special intention.

Monday, March 12, 2012

5th Novena: St. Joseph

5th novena: St Joseph. March 12 through March 20.

O glorious Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, to you we raise our hearts and hands to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the benign heart of Jesus
all the helps and graces necessary for our spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly for the grace of a happy death and the special favor we now request...
(State your request here.)

O guardian of the Word Incarnate, we feel animated with confidence that your prayers
in our behalf will be graciously heard before the throne of God.
O glorious St. Joseph, through the love you bear to Jesus Christ and for the glory of His name, hear our prayers and obtain our petitions.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Thursday, March 8, 2012

About $5000 left to go...

The Confirmation season is upon me.  We have about a week and a half before Confirmation, and the teens are getting anxious.  They are ready!  And, they are counting down too.  Its a JOYful thing to listen to.  The excitement is here.

Rehearsal is Saturday and that means NET retreats.  And, that means a bit of stress.  Two lunches.  I've got it down to a science, but it still rattles my brain.  Because if I don't have enough volunteers, I can't get it done.
Oy.  I trust in God's providence.  And, I've got a list of volunteers.

As I've been paying down my debt and re-calculating and going on to get an estimate of my minivan's value, all these scenarios keep playing out.  I really am trying to stay in the moment.  I really am.

But its hard to do when all I dream about is being in the monastery!

And, when I find out that I'm about $5000 away from being able to sell my minivan, it makes even more excited!!!!  That's incredibly close!

When the Confirmandi have received Confirmation on Sunday, March 18, I will have completed my last major youth ministry project.  After March 18, I will be able to do a lot of relational ministry, which I miss.  And, a few minor projects in the youth room that won't require a computer!!!  Yes, to sitting on couches.  And, to training people to take over the program.

God is so faithful beyond measure.  I know He will provide because He has done so, so generously. :)  Please keep praying with me for benefactors, if that is God's will, to help me pay off my debt sooner than I can.

Thank You for all of your prayers, dear readers.  Be assured of mine for you as well.  
Until we see each other in the Eucharist!!

To Jesus through Mary,

Saturday, March 3, 2012

4th Novena: Immaculate Heart of Mary

4th novena: Immaculate Heart of Mary. March 3 through March 11.

O Most Blessed Mother, heart of love, heart of mercy, ever listening, caring, consoling, hear our prayer. As your children, we implore your intercession with Jesus your Son. Receive with understanding and compassion the petitions we place before you today, especially ...(special intention).
We are comforted in knowing your heart is ever open to those who ask for your prayer. We trust to your gentle care and intercession, those whom we love and who are sick or lonely or hurting. Help all of us, Holy Mother, to bear our burdens in this life until we may share eternal life and peace with God forever.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Friday, February 24, 2012

a few more photos from the Nun Run 2012

A visit with the PCPA's in Hanceville, AL

Outside the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

before our homemade dinner, my version of Chicken which the girls learned how to cook this weekend...well, two of them know how, and 3 were first-timers...they did great! Dinner was superb!

Gorgeous Spanish Crucifix from Madrid at the PCPA's

Sadly, we didn't take any photos with the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word. :(

Thursday, February 23, 2012

3rd Novena: St. Therese of Liseux

3rd novena: St. Therese of Liseux. February 23 through March 2.

O little Thérèse of the Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose from the Heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love.

O little Flower of Jesus, ask God today to grant the favors I now place with confidence in thy hands.

(Mention your intentions here)

St. Thérèse, help me to always believe as you did, in God's great love for me, so that I might imitate your "Little Way" each day. Amen.

My intention:
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

God has outdone me in Generosity again!!!

I am one of the 2012 Grant recipients for the Mater Ecclesiae Fund for Vocations!!!!
I just found out about an hour ago!!  Congratulations to the other 22 who received grants too! May God be praised!

It's hit home that I can REALLY return home to Summit as soon as my personal debt is paid off.

God has outdone me in Generosity again!!!

His love for me constantly amazes me.  I am so overwhelmed by His love for me.

I received an email from a dear friend telling me I needed to check the date for Sacred Heart of Jesus this year.  I went online.  And, its the same date that I entered the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary in 2007 -- Fri, June 15th.  It gave me goosebumps.  And, a smile crossed my face.  Lord, what is your plan in this?

For Lent, I've decided to go to early Mass, which in turn, will get me back on the monastery schedule.
This will be hard as all my friends know I am a night owl.  So, I ask your prayers for me in the 1st two weeks as I adjust.

I ask that you would continue to pray with me for an end to my personal debt through benefactors and my own personal reduction.  And, know that you are all in my prayers as well.

The Nun Run this weekend was a blessing all around.  We visited the Sister Servants of the Eternal Word on Saturday, and I was able to catch up with Sr. Mary Jude.  And, in the evening we traveled up to Hanceville to stay with the Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration through Monday.  My camera had no batteries, so my other chaperone was in charge of taking pictures.  But, oh, what an amazing sight the Shrine's chapel is.  The girls were speechless.
It's amazing the living witness of a sister in habit makes.  The Lord is doing might things in our lives and will continue to do so.  Let our hearts be open, and our spirits willing.

Here is one of the pictures that I was able to take on Monday with my phone while we toured EWTN before heading home.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My God, how He has blessed me

Acceptance.  Being Important.  some modicum of control.

These three things are in every aspect of my life. 

I am so richly blessed.  God keeps reminding me of that.  And, that He has me close.  I am His.  He has not and will not forget me.

On this Feast of St. Cyril and Methodius, I know that He is my one and only Valentine.  I want for nothing.

I share with you my mantra: Lord, I Need You.  And, it just so happens that Matt Maher co-wrote it for the Passion Conference in 2011.

2nd Novena: Sacred Heart Jesus

2nd novena: Sacred Heart of Jesus. February 14 through February 22.

My Jesus, Lord of my soul, You promised that Your Divine Heart would be the ocean of mercy for the needy who trust in You. I firmly believe that You can grant to me what I am asking even if it would require a miracle to do it. Where should I go knocking but at the door of your Heart? “Blessed are they who hope in You.” O Jesus, I confide to Your Heart the following intention… (mention your petetion/intention here) Look at it and do what Your Heart dictates. Let Your Heart act accordingly. O Jesus, I count on You. I confide in You. I surrender and consecrate myself to You. I feel secure in You. “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.

My intention: 
in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I'm letting go of myself

The song below pretty much sums up my life at this moment.  As my teens would say, this is my theme song at the moment.

I rejoice in the fact that I am God's adopted daughter.  I rejoice in the fact that my name is written in His heart.   I rejoice that He knows me.  Better than anyone else.

I stand in awe of You
And everything You've done for me
You speak Your words into my life
And where You are is where I wanna be

I stand before You, Lord
Humbled by the love You give away
A widow's mite, my will and pride
It's all I have to offer anyway

I'm holding onto Your love
I'm letting go of myself
I'll say so long to everything else

I stand in awe of You
And everything You've done for me
You speak Your words into my life
And where You are is where I wanna be

I stand before You, Lord
Humbled by the love You give away
A widow's mite, my will and pride
It's all I have to offer anyway

I'm holding onto Your love
I'm letting go of myself
I'm holding onto Your love
I'm letting go of myself
I'll say so long to everything else

I just wanna be in Your arms
I just wanna be in Your arms
Moving ever closer to Your heart
To Your heart

I just wanna be in Your arms
I just wanna be in Your arms
Moving ever closer to Your heart
To Your heart

I just wanna be in Your arms
I just wanna be in Your arms
Moving ever closer to Your heart
To Your heart

Saturday, February 4, 2012

When my heart is overwhelmed, I'm led to the Cross.

When my heart is overwhelmed, and I can hardly stand, lead me to the cross.
Jesus surpasses my understanding of LOVE.

I’ve been in the process of getting it together to live in the monastery once again. Changes to my diet and lifestyle, which included losing weight and gaining muscle weight. Which so far, is 22 pounds.

God surprised me with an incredible GIFT this week! Acceptance into postulancy.

There were lots of hugs and whooping and hollering last night at LF's.  :)  I was so happy, I cried in JOY all the way home last night.

Today, it hit me around noon, that as soon as my debt is paid off, I can enter.  Nothing's holding me back except my debt.  To which I am feverishly paying off. 

There are still two hurdles to overcome:

  1. Acceptance into the Mater Ecclesiae grant program. I think I find out somewhere near the 1st of March. So, please continue to pray for that.
  2. And paying off my $11K debt and selling my van.

To God be the Glory for the things HE has Done!

I would not be writing these posts if He had not beckoned me back to Him.
My rent has been cut in half. So, that is a blessing. And, I’ve paid off (with the help of many) $10,169! Which is a lot. Considering that I took the advice of my spiritual director and began to ask people to help me only back in June 2011, in only 7 months. 

If, God willing, I receive the Mater Ecclesiae grant, and none unforeseeable expenses pop up, my budget has me entering sometime in June 2012. I have to be okay with whatever God’s timetable is for me.

If you have the means, and are able, please help me get to the monastery sooner rather than later. And pray for God’s will to be done. I need prayer partners just as much as I need financial help.
Prayer is what gets things done.  Exodus 17:8-13.

I am beginning my nine novena on Sunday, Feb 5, in Thanksgiving for ALL that He has done in my life, and to beg for a financial miracle to erase my debt. Join in with me and the communion of saints. It will end on April 25, the Feast day of St. Mark, Evangelist! 

1st novena: St. Catherine of Siena. February 5th through February 13th.

O marvelous wonder of the Church, seraphic virgin, Saint Catharine, because of your extraordinary virtue and the immense good which you accomplished for the Church and society, you are acclaimed and blessed by all people. Oh, turn your benign countenance to me who, confident of your powerful patronage, calls upon you with all the ardor of affection and begs you to obtain, by your prayer, the favors I so ardently desire.
You, who were a victim of charity, who in order to benefits your neighbor obtained from God the most stupendous miracles and became the joy and the hope of all, you cannot help but hear the prayers of those who fly into your heart - that heart which you received from the Divine Redeemer in a celestial ecstasy.

Yes, O seraphic virgin, demonstrate once again proof of you power and of your flaming charity, so that your name will be ever more blessed and exalted; grant that we, having experienced your most efficacious intercession here on earth, may come one day to thank you in heaven and enjoy eternal happiness with you. Amen.

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Official

It's OFFICIAL, I've been Accepted as a Postulant!!!!! :0) #Dominican #nuns #getridofthedebt #donations

A longer post later.

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~~ Jesus Is Constant ~~

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Government tells us "To Hell With You"

This has come as a shock to me.  I am appalled.  What does this mean for the future of religious freedom?

The article below was written by the bishop of the Catholic diocese of Pittsburgh - Bishop David A. Zubik - on the HHS mandate telling us as Catholics, and Christians, we will be forced to give our money for abortions and contraception, and in not doing so, we will be penalized.
Contact your representatives, senators, and our president to get this mandate abolished.

It is really hard to believe that it happened. It comes like a slap in the face. The Obama administration has just told the Catholics of the United States, “To Hell with you!” There is no other way to put it.

In early August, the Department for Health and Human Services in the Obama administration released guidelines as part of the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The guidelines mandated that by Summer 2012 all individual and group health insurance plans, including self-insured plans, cover all FDA-approved contraception, sterilization procedures and pharmaceuticals that even result in abortion.

Read More here.

All State Representatives.

All State Senators.

Address for the White House: President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20500 (202-456-1111

Saturday, January 21, 2012

When I Became A Man

When I Became A Man is a video I post regularly on FB walls of the teens I minister to.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm boycotting Girl Scouts

Enough is enough. I cannot be silent anymore. I've posted links to various new articles supporting my decision to boycott Girl Scouts.

I was a Girl Scout - brownie, junior, and senior. I served at Day Camp 2 years in a row. I even was a troop leader in college.

As a Catholic-Christian, I want to be called out if my behavior is unbecoming of a Christian or if I support something that goes against my beliefs.

Example: a couple of years ago, I was running a fundraiser that was kind-of-like a block party.  People could sign up for a booth.  A woman wanted to register for a booth to get pledges for the Susan G Komen 3-day run. Two friends posted on my facebook that Susan G Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood.  I of course went and researched the accusation.  And, it's true.  Susan G Komen DOES GIVE  $$ to Planned Parenthood.

Coming back to now.  Girl Scout cookie season.  I got all excited because one of the cookies is like the Nabisco Lemon Cooler.  And, again, my friends told me Girl Scouts partners with PP.  

Jesus asks us to love.  His greatest commandment is to LOVE.  Matthew 22:37-29 ~"You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.  This is the greatest and the first commandment.  The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

You shall love your neighbor as yourself.  

Now, as a Catholic-Christian, scripture tells us that Jesus was not afraid to speak his mind.  And, he was persecuted for it.  Stephen, the first martyr, wasn't afraid to stand up for his faith either.  And, neither am I.  I'll pray for those who persecute me when I speak the TRUTH.  I'm not afraid of a little suffering, it draws me closer to Him.

Girl Scouts DO support Planned Parenthood.  So what if you're a troop leader who doesn't see the PP material or talk with her girls about abortion?  You are still SUPPORTING even if you're not in the thick of things.  The mere fact that you belong to Girl Scouts is SUPPORTING Girl Scouts.  

That's like saying its okay to stand-by and watch someone get beaten up without doing anything.  You are there.  DO SOMETHING.  You are just as much at fault as the bully.

And, this is what really gets me.  When someone finds out the truth and doesn't care.  That they just go about what they were doing before.  That's careless. It's a copout.  It's wimpy.  It makes me pray even harder for them.  What are they afraid of?
God never gives us something we can't handle.  He Always Provides Us a Way Out.  1 Corinthians 10:13.

A wise friend once said, "Stand Up for something or you'll Fall for anything."

I'm boycotting Girl Scouts.  And, I'm praying for those who turn a blind eye to the DEATH that is Planned Parenthood.