Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Request: for Snowball

Prayer Request for Snowball, my minivan.

I am taking the minivan into CarMax on Friday.  My prayer is that they give me at the very least $6000 for the minivan.

That's my prayer request.

I've had two going-away parties so far this week!  I am plum tuckered out already.
Tonight is a dinner with friends, and Sunday is the Life Teen going-away party.  I know that there are surprises for that one.  I'm trying to be really good about it.  About not trying to find out.

I am so full of peace and joy; at times I feel I might burst.

Two weeks from 2mrw, I will be back HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is sooo good!  His Love for me is overwhelming.  When He wants you somewhere, He will stop at nothing to take you there.  And, His timing is perfect!


Anonymous said...

Love you and so HAPPY for you! Good luck with Snowball! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!

Elizabeth said...

What's the word?? Did you sell it this weekend? You've been in my thoughts and prayers :)