Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thanks Michael!

Lovely Pesto Mushroom Pasta from Michael! He was one of my CORE leaders at SMM, now he's in VA doing air traffic controlling! Michael says to use the brands listed as it will taste bettah!

What you need:
2 boxes of wheat spaghetti noodles approx 13oz each box
1 jar 16oz of Alfredo sauce
1 jar 8oz of Bertolli pesto sauce. (they only sell 1 size)
two to three big portabello mushrooms chopped (be very picky)
1 medium size onion
Light cooking oil (to cover the bottom of the pan)
Balsamic vinegar (do not use regular vinegar, only balsamic)
mozzarella cheese (how ever much you desire.)
optional: crushed walnuts.

1 large pot
1 large sauce pan

what to do:

1. Boil 1 1/2 boxes of noodles.

2. Slice the onion into bit size pieces and place on low heat with the cooking oil.
Add a few small pinches of sugar to help caramelize the onion pieces. Flip the onion pieces until the onion is translucent (caramelized.) Then place in a bowl on the side.

3. Using same pan, cook the portabellos in a little oil with a slightly higher heat. When they shrink and before they shrivel, add the onions and a generous splash of the balsamic vinegar. Add the full jar of Alfredo and pesto.

4. Mix carefully (it should be a full pan.) Hopefully, by now the pasta is ready and you can add the sauce to the whole pot of spaghetti.

5. Mix until every noodle is lightly covered. any extra sauce, if any, should be allowed to settle to the bottom of the pot. Serve.

The mozzarella cheese is sprinkled on top of the individual serving. The optional crushed walnuts are also added at this point. Goes great with a Caeser salad, garlic bread, and red wine.

This will serve 6 very well or 8 at moderate portions

Merry Christmas!!!!

THANKS Michael!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Muffins for Jesus

Ok, I have found a new cause for everyone ---- Muffins for really...

ok, actually, that is just a present that PB's son is getting for Jesus' birthday...actually JB said he's giving Jesus a prayer and muffins.

So, ya'll, go get some Muffins for Jesus.

And, remember, Christmas isn't over on December 25th, its just BEGUN!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simple Youth Ministry post

this is an article I found through someone else's really brings home Youth Ministry...hope you enjoy, maybe some of you will get what I talk about sooooooo much!

Fact: This article is made up of short sentences.

Fact: Volunteers are the key to this whole thing.
Fact: Time management probably isn't your strong suit, is it?
Fact: Success in youth ministry is way, way more than increased attendance.
Fact: It will never all be "done" when you go to sleep at night.
Fact: Email is dead. Consider texting . . . for now.
Fact: Your capacity increases when you delegate the important things to your volunteer team.
Fact: Your video game console misses you.
Fact: So does your spouse.
Fact: You have very little to do with your youth ministry's success.
Fact: Relying on the power of God is the most important.
Fact: You will always want a larger youth ministry budget.
Fact: The church you envy down the road is full of challenges, too.
Fact: You are a minister to adult volunteers as much as you are a minister to students.
Fact: You always pad your numbers when talking about your group to other youth pastors.
Fact: Humility always wins.

for the rest of this post click on the title of my post "Simple Youth Ministry post"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

utter disbelief that there are still people who don't know I have come home!

I just have to brag on the teens here. They are utterly a-MAZING! Their faith in Jesus makes me utterly speechless. And, for those that know me personally, you know that is a WOW moment! I am just bursting with JOY at how much LOVE they've shown me these first four months as their YM. I am stoked to see what else Jesus as in store for us as we grow as a program and most importantly as a FAMILY!

I have been seriously busy. hopefully more fun posting next week.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

NCCYM 2008 - Cleveland

thought a video collage would suffice. Music is "Forgetting to Remember" by Ruth.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

alright, yesterday, was VERY eventful...and not really in a good way.

as always, as in for the last 6 years or so, my car broke down...every year on Thanksgiving weekend...but this time I didn't have to walk 3 miles to someone's house...yippeee....I only had to pray no one would hit me as I wasn't exactly on the side of the road....thankfully, the man who lived in the house my vehicle was sitting by called the police...and a very nice uniformed officer who had to be dang cold sat behind me with his blue lights on as we waited for the tow truck...and my fantabulous friend Lil' PB came and brought me a sandwich as well as a ride home...

the car rolled over on the 2nd crank but the engine was making a very loud BUZZ and also clicking over and over...I only had about 1.5 miles to go when everything went dead...even my hazard lights, hence the reason for me being a road hazard...

this was about 11 am...I was on my way to my parent's house to change as the shirt I was wearing had Indian yellow curry all over it...ooops! :)

so, Seth, in his uber love for his sister dropped everything and came to the rescue...only to find out 5 hours later that indeed it was not the battery but indeed the starter...

so, now its at the dealership getting a new starter. BUT...

I am contemplating trading it in for a new car...lots of prayer and figuring out a budget! but, I am approved for a car loan, so hurrah!

so thats me, but I have a treat for you!

a video