Wednesday, December 17, 2008

utter disbelief that there are still people who don't know I have come home!

I just have to brag on the teens here. They are utterly a-MAZING! Their faith in Jesus makes me utterly speechless. And, for those that know me personally, you know that is a WOW moment! I am just bursting with JOY at how much LOVE they've shown me these first four months as their YM. I am stoked to see what else Jesus as in store for us as we grow as a program and most importantly as a FAMILY!

I have been seriously busy. hopefully more fun posting next week.

Stats updates:

168 page uploads last week.

8 Polish Foods post most popular page (next to main of course)

Top 5 Countries (other than US): Canada, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Australia

Top 5 Cities (other than unknown): Fort Wayne, IN; Bellmore, NY; Odenton, MD; West Orange, NJ; Ottawa, ON

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