Monday, August 31, 2009

Carnival Holiday

So, the cruise was great. So much that I want to go again. on a bigger boat. I didn't get many pictures of myself but some great pictures of the scenery.

We made REALLY good time on the way to Alabama. Ended up being there right around noon, their time. Just before we got to Canal Street we had to go over a 5 mile bridge (or so it seemed) . I am so happy AR and I switched. I hate driving over bridges!

This is a view of the ship from the bridge we crossed over.
This is ME! Uber excited for the cruise!
First shot of the cabin we stayed in. Riviera deck. R126. On the end above the engine area, we think. It lulled us to sleep at night. The cabin was suitable. You don't spend much time in your room. Only to sleep and take showers.
Elegant night. Tuesday. There's a captain's reception, complete with free drinks for an hour. Then dinner. Our dinner mates were very nice and from around the area - Mississippi, Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia. Good dinner conversation. Plus, intense rocking on Wed-Friday. Glad I had that sea sickness medicine.
Cozumel beach. The water is so very clear. And, the sand, its like walking on pebbles.
At dinner every night, you can order whatever you want. From my Lenten observance this year where I gave up meat, I've enjoyed veggies and fruit more and more so. So, every night, I would order the fruit appetizer. The first night was 3 melon balls, 2 raspberries, slices of celery and cantaloupe crackers. So tiny. I learned my lesson and from then on ordered 2 fruit appetizers instead. You really can order more than one entree, and so I did.
Every night our steward would come in, turn down our beds, and leave us a towel animal. Wednesday night was a FROG! So cute!

That's really all I've got on pictures.
Calica basically was a port. Your excursion took either to Cancun or Tulum. We went on shopping tours both days. In Cancun, I was pretty worn out from the first two days. I had gotten burnt on Tuesday, and so not in a good shopping mood. I did make some great buys. But, everyone is right - the shopping and prices is MUCH better in Cozumel. To do it all over again - shopping in Cozumel and sight-seeing in Cancun with an ATV.

I have one more week off. I believe I am going to just lay around and be lazy. Wahoo! And, of course wait for my skin to peel off, which it has already started to do, and I look like I have brown dandruff. I will wear sunscreen next time I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I haven't kept a journal for about a year. That feels incredibly weird. But at the same time, right. I journaled my thought for about 10 years; I have over 15 journals. There were gaps in time, but no longer than 3 months apart. Now, its been about 14 months.

I thought with this blog, I would journal at least in a similar way. But, now I am much more searchable by Google.

So, it seems.

I am trusting completely in God's will. What else could I do anywhoo? He is the Alpha and Omega.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I have a meeting 2mrw at 4:30 pm. If you happen to read this, please pray for me. I will let you know of the outcome. Whatever it is, I trust in God's merciful love. I cover myself in His LOVE. Absorbing all humility. At times I am feeling as a lamb led to the slaughter. But, I am His lamb.

Getting the last things done before the peer minister retreat. And, attempting to get stuff that'll have to get done the week back. Trying to get those items done early.

Am so ready for my 3 week vacation. I need a break before I pass out from exhaustion. I intend to recoup and get energized so that I can come back strong and ready to duke it out with poo-head for the sake of my teens' salvation. I love this program and teens so much. Stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

Tru dat!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Assoc Director of Youth Ministry and Assoc Director of Inculturation


The Archdiocese of Atlanta seeks a high-energy, bilingual, cross-cultural, Associate Director for the Office of Formation and Discipleship. This combined position shares responsibilities in the areas of youth ministry and inculturation ministry within a newly formed department that facilitates the Church’s mission of evangelization on behalf of the archbishop. This position is primarily responsible for promoting effective youth ministry frameworks and initiatives among parishes in collaboration with the department director and other staff, works with other department entities and parishes to ensure that ministry outreach enables the Gospel to come alive across multicultural lenses in concert with the Catholic principle of unity without uniformity. The ideal candidate will have proven skills in youth ministry with USA Anglos and Hispanics, will have been immersed in the Hispanic/Latino experience within the USA, be completely fluent in English and Spanish, have a master’s degree or equivalent in theology, ministry, or a related discipline. Additional cross-cultural experience is a must, especially among Asian, African-American, and Brazilian peoples. Viable candidates will have at least five years’ experience in administrating comprehensive parish-based ministry with adolescents. All applicants should enjoy working in a team atmosphere, be intrigued by the fast pace of a vibrant and growing Church, be detail-orientated and like to multi-task. If this position interests you, send resume, salary requirements and references to

La Arquidiócesis de Atlanta busca un Director Asociado para la Oficina de Formación y Discipulado que sea energético, bilingüe y multicultural. Esta posición combinada comparte responsabilidades con las áreas de la pastoral de jóvenes adolescentes y la pastoral de inculturación dentro de un recién formado departamento que facilita la misión eclesial de evangelización a nombre del arzobispo. Esta posición es primordialmente responsable de promover esquemas e iniciativas efectivas en la pastoral de jóvenes adolescentes en colaboración con el director del departamento, su equipo y con las parroquias. Además, deberá trabajar con otras entidades del departamento y las parroquias, para asegurarse que la actividad pastoral permita al evangelio vivir con eficacia y en sintonía con el principio católico de unidad sin uniformidad dentro de distintas culturas. El candidato ideal deberá proveer habilidades en la pastoral de adolescentes con anglos-norteamericanos e hispanos, tiene que ser completamente bilingüe en inglés y español, poseer una licenciatura (maestría) o equivalente en teología, estudios pastorales o un campo relacionado. Experiencia con otras culturas es necesaria, especialmente entre gentes asiáticas, afro-americanas y brasileras. Candidatos que califican deberán tener por lo menos cinco años de experiencia administrando una pastoral integral parroquial con adolescentes. Todos los aplicantes deberán disfrutar trabajar en equipo, estar interesados en colaborar con animo en una iglesia dinámica y creciente, ser detallistas y gozar de un ambiente variable. Si le interesa esta posición, entregue su currículo vitae, requisitos de compensación y referencias al

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Strength In Unity

I feel sometimes that I should keep my Mustard Seed experience to myself. But mission trips are about change, about conversion, about sharing the Gospel message with others.

Though I am content with having my own bed, hot showers, and a/c; I think often about the children of Mustard Seed. About how without missionaries, they won't have anyone to hold them or play with them. And, that makes me mad. How can a child be deprived of touch? Its just not fair.

My trip was a blessed one - a trip that was filled with recurring themes - God is in complete control, flexibility, and strength in unity. I think also the children of Mustard Seed experience those 3 themes daily as well.

So, I am not going to do an extra long blog post, but I am going to share pictures.

I am unable to share pictures of the Mustard Seed children, but you will be able to see the JOY on my teens' faces as they served throughout the week.

5:00 am in the ATL airport.

First leg to Miami
raining in Miami and eating lunch
delayed flight...chillin
knowing God is in control. A teen missionary had a hospital stay in Miami. :( . Yet, we knew God's hand was in all of it. He was our hard-core prayer partner for the week and he was always with us!
Monday, July 27
view from Mediation Garden
'Whistling' with Dante at Mary's Child
naptime with Cassie
Wednesday, July 29 ~ Jerusalem apostolate
Thursday, July 30 ~ beach day
running into the ocean, yes, it was staged!
Saturday, August 1 ~ last meal at Mustard Seed, breakfast
beautiful views
on the way to the Norman Manley Int'l Airport in Kingston, Jamaica