Monday, August 31, 2009

Carnival Holiday

So, the cruise was great. So much that I want to go again. on a bigger boat. I didn't get many pictures of myself but some great pictures of the scenery.

We made REALLY good time on the way to Alabama. Ended up being there right around noon, their time. Just before we got to Canal Street we had to go over a 5 mile bridge (or so it seemed) . I am so happy AR and I switched. I hate driving over bridges!

This is a view of the ship from the bridge we crossed over.
This is ME! Uber excited for the cruise!
First shot of the cabin we stayed in. Riviera deck. R126. On the end above the engine area, we think. It lulled us to sleep at night. The cabin was suitable. You don't spend much time in your room. Only to sleep and take showers.
Elegant night. Tuesday. There's a captain's reception, complete with free drinks for an hour. Then dinner. Our dinner mates were very nice and from around the area - Mississippi, Indiana, Alabama, and Georgia. Good dinner conversation. Plus, intense rocking on Wed-Friday. Glad I had that sea sickness medicine.
Cozumel beach. The water is so very clear. And, the sand, its like walking on pebbles.
At dinner every night, you can order whatever you want. From my Lenten observance this year where I gave up meat, I've enjoyed veggies and fruit more and more so. So, every night, I would order the fruit appetizer. The first night was 3 melon balls, 2 raspberries, slices of celery and cantaloupe crackers. So tiny. I learned my lesson and from then on ordered 2 fruit appetizers instead. You really can order more than one entree, and so I did.
Every night our steward would come in, turn down our beds, and leave us a towel animal. Wednesday night was a FROG! So cute!

That's really all I've got on pictures.
Calica basically was a port. Your excursion took either to Cancun or Tulum. We went on shopping tours both days. In Cancun, I was pretty worn out from the first two days. I had gotten burnt on Tuesday, and so not in a good shopping mood. I did make some great buys. But, everyone is right - the shopping and prices is MUCH better in Cozumel. To do it all over again - shopping in Cozumel and sight-seeing in Cancun with an ATV.

I have one more week off. I believe I am going to just lay around and be lazy. Wahoo! And, of course wait for my skin to peel off, which it has already started to do, and I look like I have brown dandruff. I will wear sunscreen next time I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

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