Sunday, August 2, 2009

Strength In Unity

I feel sometimes that I should keep my Mustard Seed experience to myself. But mission trips are about change, about conversion, about sharing the Gospel message with others.

Though I am content with having my own bed, hot showers, and a/c; I think often about the children of Mustard Seed. About how without missionaries, they won't have anyone to hold them or play with them. And, that makes me mad. How can a child be deprived of touch? Its just not fair.

My trip was a blessed one - a trip that was filled with recurring themes - God is in complete control, flexibility, and strength in unity. I think also the children of Mustard Seed experience those 3 themes daily as well.

So, I am not going to do an extra long blog post, but I am going to share pictures.

I am unable to share pictures of the Mustard Seed children, but you will be able to see the JOY on my teens' faces as they served throughout the week.

5:00 am in the ATL airport.

First leg to Miami
raining in Miami and eating lunch
delayed flight...chillin
knowing God is in control. A teen missionary had a hospital stay in Miami. :( . Yet, we knew God's hand was in all of it. He was our hard-core prayer partner for the week and he was always with us!
Monday, July 27
view from Mediation Garden
'Whistling' with Dante at Mary's Child
naptime with Cassie
Wednesday, July 29 ~ Jerusalem apostolate
Thursday, July 30 ~ beach day
running into the ocean, yes, it was staged!
Saturday, August 1 ~ last meal at Mustard Seed, breakfast
beautiful views
on the way to the Norman Manley Int'l Airport in Kingston, Jamaica

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