Monday, July 20, 2009

Its a joy-filled life when you're in love with Jesus.

My prayer and hope is that I can give my teens opportunities to be servants - true servants without expecting or wanting anything in return. That would be awe-some.

My goal of course is to be in union with our Lord and Savior, I want for nothing more.

Mass was so incredibly intimate today. I said to myself before Mass began that I would go to the Adoration chapel afterwards (I hadn't been at this parish for daily Mass in a while!). But when I opened my eyes after praying to our Lord after Mass, there He was exposed on the Altar! Hurray! I don't even have to move!

And, then, I went to a favorite deli around the corner and was able to see a CORE member I needed to talk to. Thank you Jesus for your divine appointments.

2 more have joined the 9 novena Vocation novena. Sept 8 - Nov 27.

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Julia said...

i love when that happens- when I look up and see Jesus unexpectedly! Yeah for novenas!