Monday, May 7, 2012

300 days wages

Today was Messy Game night.  My. Last. Messy Game night.  And, there was a forecast of thunderstorms.  And, we prayed the rain would cease until after we went home.  And, it did.  Thank You for answering our prayers with a yes.

Also, today, received a few more donations.  One of which, I was completely floored.  by the amount.  One of my CORE, LuLu** (to protect identity), said she would donate.  And, today before Mass she told me she had money to give me.  Me, being the YM, asked was it for the mission trip the teens were going on.  She went on to say it was for the monestery.  Also, that the amount she was giving was given to her in prayer.  And, it was given over and over.  And, this amount was a fairly large amount.  for her or for any of my other CORE for that matter.  I am still in complete shock.  Considering it is the same amount of money that Fr Joseph Peek pushed into my hand so many years ago on the Nun Run I attended when I was "discerning".

God is doing so many crazy wacky things in my life.  I know in my heart of hearts that if He wants me to enter Summit on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, He Will Do It.  Nothing will stop Him.

And, so from now until entrance, I will be working hard and praying hard.  

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Deepa!

PS. You might want to check the spelling of "monastery" on your blog.