Thursday, March 8, 2012

About $5000 left to go...

The Confirmation season is upon me.  We have about a week and a half before Confirmation, and the teens are getting anxious.  They are ready!  And, they are counting down too.  Its a JOYful thing to listen to.  The excitement is here.

Rehearsal is Saturday and that means NET retreats.  And, that means a bit of stress.  Two lunches.  I've got it down to a science, but it still rattles my brain.  Because if I don't have enough volunteers, I can't get it done.
Oy.  I trust in God's providence.  And, I've got a list of volunteers.

As I've been paying down my debt and re-calculating and going on to get an estimate of my minivan's value, all these scenarios keep playing out.  I really am trying to stay in the moment.  I really am.

But its hard to do when all I dream about is being in the monastery!

And, when I find out that I'm about $5000 away from being able to sell my minivan, it makes even more excited!!!!  That's incredibly close!

When the Confirmandi have received Confirmation on Sunday, March 18, I will have completed my last major youth ministry project.  After March 18, I will be able to do a lot of relational ministry, which I miss.  And, a few minor projects in the youth room that won't require a computer!!!  Yes, to sitting on couches.  And, to training people to take over the program.

God is so faithful beyond measure.  I know He will provide because He has done so, so generously. :)  Please keep praying with me for benefactors, if that is God's will, to help me pay off my debt sooner than I can.

Thank You for all of your prayers, dear readers.  Be assured of mine for you as well.  
Until we see each other in the Eucharist!!

To Jesus through Mary,

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