Thursday, June 7, 2012

Freestylin' Butterfly song for me

One of my seniors wrote me a song.

My favorite line: "Now she's going back, Satan take that!"

Here are the lyrics:

let's take a look at my youth minister
4 years counting, and I love her like a sister
June 11, to New Jersey.
No, she didn't rehearse this.
Back to Summit to be a nun, say what?
Yeah, 2nd time not first. Bc her soul thirsts.
Taking the leap, but not blind.
She's set her mind.
Living her vocation, through separation.
His plans not hers, but she's been following His voice.
Let's go back to a time when she was 17 and in life teen.
Spending her days by the tabernacle, like she's restrained and shackled.
But she was not penalized, she understood the sacrifice.
Her love for Him radiated, and so a journey was initiated.
She was told she should be a sister, what? uh uh mister.
You should try it out, it won't be a bummer. Sure sure she responded next summer.
Asked to go to a nun run, but turned it down. She was completely frozen.
But asked Jesus why, if she loved boys and made too much noise.
Got Asked again, but booked her schedule. which was a bit ridicule. But God had her sched cleared, since she wasn't being sincere.
Father had it all paid, so she went with the parade.
Came back on fire, Yeah, she was a little lighter.
Deciding where to enter, feeling desire to be a teacher.
She found a blog of cloistered nuns, but couldn't understand the idea of being secluded.
She was denied a teacher, her chance was ruined.
But the cloistered had perpetual rosary and perpetual adoration
She made no hesitations, she emailed a sister and they couldn't resist her.
Our Deepa was now a Dominican, but something was sunken. It was dark and she was alone. She had to make a hard decision, you know.
Back into the world, 2008. It was now too late. She ended up at Saint Thomas, Yeah she totally lost it.
Made new friends, impacted lives, but there's one special little butterfly.
& Butterfly says: I'll miss you and i'll love you, thanks for praying for me. But I see it's time for you to leave. We've laughed and we've cried. Our times were never dry. You've helped me grow bc I never get to low. You truly are an inspiration, such a wonderful sensation to have met you. God put us together for a reason. We're such alike, just like twins. I'll never forget Ikea days, and calling AAA. The chance to explore vocations and take me east of the nation. Retreats, lifenights and conventions. Chinese food, snowball and Fro-yo spoons. Sushi, baking and icecream. *swoon*
Now shes going back, satan take that.
Living her life for Jesus, in the Eucharist she sees us.
We love you sista & we'll always be with yah.

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