Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On Pentecost, we had a Summer Sunday - we play games or watch a movie. Because the evening Spanish Mass was at another location, we played hide 'n' seek.
A few of us crawled under the stage. It was completely safe. And bonus, an awesome place to hide.

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MD said...

How very nice that you have had "going away parties" before returning to Summit. Affirmation for what you have accomplished with your time "in the world" is both important and well deserved. As there is no "going away party" to accomodate your blog readers , I wanted to take this opportunity (before you return to the monastery) to thank you for this marvelous blog. You have shown great courage in making your journey so public. I would say "I wish you all the best" but surely you need no one's' "wishes", as you are now "HIS". Enjoy the rest of your journey.