Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chained to the Eucharist and Mary

I am so blessed to have been in GA for four years.
Our Sweet Lord's plan has always been best!
I am content. At peace within myself. And So Full of Joy!!

I am in awe of the outpouring of Love. The people in my life show me Christ's Love thru their witness and action.

I moved out of AR's house today. The car is full. Some of it is going to SC's house. And the rest is coming with me.

Tonight is a GNO and sleepover with LF. Sunday: Fuddrucker's stop by and say hi. And one last family dinner.
Monday: 12 hours of driving, and it looks like its going to rain all day. Boo. Maybe I can drive out of it and beat it to MD. Hopefully I will arrive in MD by dinner time.
Tuesday and Wednesday: spending it with friends in MD.

And then Thursday. :D

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Lisa said...

I'm adding you to the Sacred Heart novena I'm praying with the other women who will be entering with me! May these final days be blessed with the peace and joy of Christ, truly present in the Eucharist!!!