Thursday, June 23, 2011

Praying for Victory

Have you ever felt like the readings and the homily were written and spoken just for you?  I feel that way right now.

The widow's mite and fruit bearing trees have been in my sight these last two weeks.  Of how I have to give out of my need and I shall receive a 100-fold.   

I feel the strongest tug and pull from God in the direction of religious life.  I want for nothing more.  He is all I need and want.  My desire to be with Him is stronger than any desire for youth ministry.  When people ask me when I'm going, I say May 2012 b/c that's according "my" budget.  After saying this, I feel like I am disappointing Him.  He is beckoning me, and I am having to say "hold on, I'm coming but in a minute, in a month, in half a year.  I'm coming, just not right now."

I've felt for months now, that God was asking me to do more than what I've already done.  To do the legwork, and He would do the rest.

For mission trips, our greatest fruit-bearing fundraiser is where we write letters to our family and friends describing what we're doing for the summer and the people we will be serving.  And, we ask them to donate financially if they can and to pray for us.  

Did you know that St Therese of Lisieux is the patroness of missions.  She died at 24 and never ever ventured outside of the monastery.  She has this patronage because of her prayer, of her intercession for others.  Prayer supports missionaries.

We ask our teen missionaries to write at least 50 letters, and we tell them they need at least 25 prayer partners.  Because frankly, you cannot give what do not have.   To be on mission, you have to have people supporting you, spiritually and financially.

I ask my teens to do this every year.  And, this year especially, I noticed it was hard for them to ask people for money - knowing we're in a recession and in a building campaign.  But, I reminded them we can't go without spiritual and financial support.  And, I, personally, didn't see what the big deal was - why couldn't they just suck it up and do it?

And, then today in spiritual direction, a light bulb went off.  I was asking them to do something that I couldn't even do for myself.  I was relying on myself.  I wasn't doing the legwork God was asking of me.  I was denying His request of me.

And so I ask.  

Can you assist me in paying down my debt fast?  Can you help me go to where God is calling, to Summit.  And, above all be my support, be my prayer partners?  Could you spare $10 or $20? No donation is too large or too small.  You shall be Aaron and Hur holding up Moses' arms as he prayed for a victory in battle against the Amaleks (Exodus 17:9-13).  You shall be my support as I stand on the mountain praying for victory in the battle for souls.

If you'd like to mail your donation and/or prayer requests, you can send them to:

c/o Deepa Kingry
2408 Caneridge Pointe SW
Marietta, GA 30064

Above all, know that I am praying for you each and every day and your prayers are heard!


Amanda said...

I donated what I could! Best of luck and I'm praying for you!

Anonymous said...

God is so good and so are all God's people....

God has such a need for contemplative souls....

So... unless my math is wrong, you need 120 of us to send $100.... or 240 of us to send $50... OR 1200 of us to send $10.

Seriously, this really shouldn't be too tough....

can we all ask one other person to send in $10?

Praying and sending my $10....

Deepa said...

yes, 1200 people sending $10. You can ask as many people as you'd like. You could even forward my blog to your friends who pray for vocations!
thanks a million!!!

Deepa said...

Your math is correct. But I believe that God has the list, I just have to invite.

Yes, please tell your friends about me. You can even email my blog address too.

Thank You a Million times over!! Thank You thank you thank you!