Sunday, May 13, 2012

Plan B vs Snowball

I stare at my budget every single day. Working and re-working the figures. 

This week, through the kindness of others and people purchasing some of my 'last things' items, I've been able to shave off $1200!

If I sell my van for what I need - $3800 to pay off the minivan loan and $4600 to pay off debt, I'll be "in the black" by $15. That's if I can get a buyer. I'm wanting to sell it private party. 
On Kelley Blue Book, it's worth around $8600. I'm selling it for $8400 just to be competitive. 
Obviously, I need my vehicle, who's nickname is Snowball. 

May 25th update:  It seems there is no buyer in sight for Snowball.  So, I am taking Snowball to Carmax for an appraisal.  I am praying they will be willing to pay at least $7800 for the van.  

If you are able and willing to donate, and therefore lower my stress level, please feel free.  Prayers are even more appreciated.  Please pray for kind and gentle souls to donate and for my perseverance!

I trust completely in God's plan for me.  If that means a Plan B, then so it will be done. I'm content being His.

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