Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What My Name Is

What My Name Is...Not!

So, there's been lots of discussion and questions as to what I'd like my name to be.

Two of my very close friends and spiritual director are the only ones who have guessed correctly.

I have people guessing all over the place.  In order for it to be correct, the name guessed has to include not only my name but also my title, all in correct order.

I can tell you this - it will not be Sr Veronica Marie of the Heart of Jesus.  We do not double up on names for it would extremely confusing.  There is already a Sr. Mary Veronica.

And, no, if you post the correct name in the comment box, I will not tell you if you are right or wrong. ;)

Its really interesting some of the names that the teens guess.  
My only hint is that it describes me through and through.

Some of the popular and less popular guesses have been:

Sr.  Maria of the Carotid Artery of Jesus
Sr. Kunegunda of the Holy Aorta of Jesus
Sr. Mary Jerome of the Crucifixion
Sr. Mary Augustine of St. Catherine
Sr. Mary Monica of St. Catherine
Sr. Mary Rachel of St. Catherine

It's an educational way to learn about monastic life.  

I am at peace knowing that Jesus is my one and only constant.  
Please pray for a very special intention.


Anonymous said...

Sister Mary Siena of Jesus

Sister Mary Benincasa of Jesus

Sister Marie-Dominic of Jesus

Anonymous said...

Sister Augustine Marie of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Julie M. said...

The HOLY AORTA??? That is one title I have never heard! I hope you pick that one, whatever name you might choose!