Monday, April 13, 2009

Ft Walton

From Wed - Saturday, I went down to Ft Walton Beach, FL.

I took a few pictures, but they are of my friend's children, so I will not be posting.  However, I did take a video of the waves on Friday and a few surfers.  Took the video from the pier.  You will notice my shaky hands.  I know I am not called to be an videographer.

While down there, I faced my fear of birds.   If you didn't know, I have a fear of birds.  Stems from watching "The Birds" by Hitchcock at a young age.  I am sure there is another event that also contributes, but the movie is all I remember.  
On Thursday, we took the kids to the Gulfarium.  And, there were some winged creatures present - mostly pigeons.  We were eating a snack of nachos when the said pigeons became more present than before.  I started freaking out.  At one point I was screeching because they were three feet away, and I had now perched on the picnic table bench.  My faithful friend (Sirach 6:14) reminded me that I was an adult in this situation and the kids are looking to me to be one.  Then, something inside me switched on, and after watching my faithful friend shoo the pigeons away,  I too shooed them away.

On Friday, at the pier there were birds of course.  And I stayed the course.

After returning home on Saturday, I along with the 5-year-old, corralled the chickens back into the coop.  Wow!  That's all I can say.  I am in shock but also in awe of the power of Christ!

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