Friday, March 13, 2009

Fruits and Vegetables

New things are brewing over at the sister blog - I Need A Cookie

I got the idea from my brother actually.  To post what I eat daily.  I'll just have remember to take pictures...

This should be fun!

I often wonder how many people stick to the 3 meals a day rule.  I know the sisters in Summit do.  I don't.  I snack in between, so it ends up being 3 meals - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner - and three snack times, as well as, a dessert after dinner.

Being a vegetarian hasn't been horrible.  I've gotten to be creative with what I eat, AND I've eaten a few things I haven't ever.

Yesterday, I tried Burger King's Veggie Burger.  I really was craving a hamburger, but didn't want to break my fast.  So, I went just with the notion to get fries, but instead tried the Veggie Burger.  It was ACTUALLY really good.  and it gave me some ideas for future meals.

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