Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Confirmation of 65 Confirmands is this Sunday (Mar 8).  If you can swing a few prayers, that would be fantastic!  

 also, I am looking for an Administrative Assistant.  My current one is quitting as her other PT job pays a lot more than us, like 3.5 times what we pay her.  So, she has informed me, her last day is April 1st....ACK!  I am hoping I find  someone in time.  She is very valuable to me and I thank Jesus every day for her!  I hope the person He sends will be just as much of a lifesaver!

We had SNOW on Sunday.  A lot of us YM's thought it was enough to cancel our LN's.  The minimal stuff we got here at my house promptly melted at 5 pm that afternoon.  But, I heard tales of locations 2 hours SOUTH that got about 4 inches!  and places north of here that didn't get one flake...all my teens are praying for another snowstorm, so, of course, they will get out of school on Monday.

If you don't live here in GA, you have to be told that EVERYTHING shuts down and there's a mad dash for milk and eggs in the grocery store!  I am very thankful for those many months I spent driving in the snowy mid-west while on NET.  Because I can go out and believe that I am the only one living here in a 30-mile radius.

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Sami said...

oh how i miss the snow! sounds like it was quite the week! i will pray for you to find an administrative assistant and you pray for us to sell our house. i love you!