Saturday, February 28, 2009

Jesus is Constant.

Bleh.  Not in a sick lemme-lay-in-bed way but in a lemme-get-this-off-my-chest way.

I am growing.  Jesus has asked me to stretch.  And I will not.  I am comfortable in my Schwinn and do not want to get back on the interstate in my mid-size.
Mostly, this is about surrendering and trust.  Gosh, this Lent, I can feel it, is gonna be good.  I love this liturgical season so much.  The suffering.  The growing closer to Christ.  Knowing that He's waiting patiently and all the while pursuing us.

If none of this or even part of this post makes no sense to you, that's alright with me b/c its my blog, and I'll post how I want to.

Sirach 2

Purification of Iron

Dwelling in the darkness, brokeness, and ugliness of our soul to see why Jesus LOVES it so much.

My darkness is ______ and I will be dwelling there from now on.  Jesus is my only Constant!

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Anonymous said...

YES! I do understand. Jesus does "ask us to stretch", and wow it is not easy. It is so comfortable to stay "as we are". Comfortable, safe, familiar. But that's not trusting in Him. We need to "close our eyes" and follow in His Footsteps. You said it well. You are right.
Happy Lent!