Monday, October 27, 2008

Legal Sounds

I just signed up for a new service - friend T, who's also a YM, told me about it. 9 cents a song. know how I hate and point out to people that LimeWire and copying friends CDs is STEALING....this website is paying royalities (is that the right word)...and so now I have to go through my songs from Rhapsody and get them through

Movies this week: Iron Man, Lars and the Real Girl, Cloverfield, Sahara, The Italian Job, The Long Gray Line

Countries that frequent this blog: USA, UK, Canada, Malta

Top 5 Cities: Millbury, MA ~~ St Louis, MO ~~ Ft Wayne, IN ~~ Wrightstown, NJ ~~ Dallas, TX

The last 5 states to visit here: MA ~ VA ~ WA ~ NJ ~ MD

alright, I am tired and spent...but its been a holy day...I LOVE my TEENS!!! They never cease to amaze and astound me every day!!! GOD is GOOD! All the TIME!

We are sold out of the pocket calendars, hallelujah! though I will buy one more box 2mrw and pray it comes in by Friday...okay maybe 2.

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