Thursday, October 23, 2008

Quirky Meme

I was tagged by Candied Ginger to tell six quirks about myself:

1. I have an obsession with checking my email. I usually check it at least 7 times a day. Knowing that people are not writing me, but in the hopes that some long lost friend will have emailed.

2. I am an abnormal sweater. Meaning I sweat more than most people. To counteract this occurrence, I live for the A/C. So, that means unless I am working out OR doing an activity that other people are also sweating doing, then I am doing my best to keep myself cold. Even if that means having the windows down in January during a snowstorm.

3. I love to watch movies. Something about going into another time/place just enthralls me. Mostly I love action/suspense movies. But, I will watch on average 6 DVD's a week. I have a subscription to Blockbuster. As of this writing, in the last 3 months, I have watched 221 movies. I know!

4. I love love Hip-Hop and Rap music. I love the beats. Not necessarily the words. And, I could never just throw down some rhyme (only if the Holy Spirit moved me), but I love hearing people rhyme the Word. My favorite at the moment is KJ-52's "Do Yo Thang".

5. I am obsessed with t-shirts. I am truly a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal. I wear what I believe. Before I entered the monastery, I had over 150 t-shirts. And, I didn't want to give them to Goodwill so I made them into t-shirt quilts. I miss them all now. I have only 5 t-shirts. But, I am sure, I will begin collecting them all once again.

6. I love to eat my food goulash style - all mixed together. I LOVE casseroles. I love 7-layer dip. I love to play with my food, mix it around until its unintelligible as food, and then eat it.

I tag:
1. Julia
2. Martha
3. Anne
4. Alison
5. Matt
6. Carla

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