Saturday, November 22, 2008

I was supposed to bake last night. But, when I went in the kitchen to start, I realized we didn't have eggs. :(

so, I had to wait til tonight to complete the project. But I did get to use my new mixer - 6 qt from Kitchen Aid. Cinnamon color. Gorgeous gift from my mom.

Treasure Bars.
Christmas Treasure Bars.

And, today, I also got to hang with Amy and Jeff. 2nd week in a row.

I am still on the look-out for a really cool apron. I'll probably just make a few. Glad I know how to sew.

NCCYM is in two weeks. Am so excited to hang out with 2000 YM's from all over. Should be a blast. And, it looks like we'll have another person share our room. I like sharing, means the parish pays less for the room.

ok, found this video from 2005. CHWC Nashville. Re-enacting bending the rebar for the new stairs we put in. But, of course, it didn't go as planned (the re-enactment that is). hope you get a laugh. I know I do.

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