Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Seignadou Lip Balm

I have to plug this lip balm. It really is the best eveh. My lips have never been softer.

I would have to say I am a lip balm conoisseur (sp?). Or at least, I have tried just about everything (Chapstick, Carmex, Vaseline, SoftLips, Lip Smacker, Burt's Bees etc.)

And, I am not just saying this because I used to live there. :)

This Lip Balm is amazing!! It smells fantastic - yummy mint. It goes on smooth. It doesn't dry out my lips like others. And, the best part, I go through less than I did with Carmex. Perhaps it could be that you get a bit more! ;) And, its made from all-natural ingredients. Seriously!

I do have to also say that when they first started making it, it would melt in my pocket, or at least get really soft. But, they have obviously tweaked the recipe, and now it doesn't get ooey-gooey in my pocket. It stays solid.

This Seignadou Lip Balm is really inexpensive - $2 each. Burt's Bees is easily $3.

So, stock up. Give it away as stocking stuffers. Get addicted. And, support the Dominican Nuns' way of life.

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