Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I should be asleep...but I'm not...instead I am blogging...

On Friday, when grocery shopping for the Girls' Retreat, I had about 20 minutes to kill while at BJ's waiting for Rach to show up...and well, I wandered over to the book section and came across these two books --

I pondered...and I looked at the indexes on both, and finally caved. what can I say? I LOVE to cook.

This is my schedule for the next 72 hours:

Doctor's appt - 9 am
Put seats in van - 11:30 am
Work - 12 pm - 9pm
MSC mtg - 7 pm

March 4 Life with 12 teens - 8a-3:30 I need another driver.
Dinner with LF and fam - 5 pm
Pack for retreat - 10:30 pm

Leave house - 9:30 am
Spiritual Direction - 12 noon (Mass first)
Drive to AL - 2 pm ish
Arrive at Casa Maria - 4:30 pm ish (hopefully if I don't get lost in Alabama on some back roads)
Retreat begins - 7 pm

Ah, life...I think I actually get to rest after the Superbowl...or at least, that was when I was planning on sleeping for like 3 days and just vegging out...

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