Monday, January 12, 2009

Face the Storm

I've been cleaning today. When things get busy in my life, something gets messy. And, well, a few things got outta control - the office, my bedroom, my car. I can't stand messiness. Its like oil and I am water. It drives ME crazy. I really need another bookshelf in here. But I need a different dresser. Mom and I will have to have a talk. I need shelving. I am hoping she says yes.

At any rate, during the cleaning of the bedroom today, I came across a sheet with several quotes that I've said and a journal entry that I typed out for encouragement for me. So I share with you today what is on the page. If you have been following since the 'Glorious Crown' days, some of these might sound familiar.

All that really matters is where you are at the moment.

Whatever you do, do it for the Glory of God. -- 1 Corinthians 10:31

Living to glorify God means doing everything, for Him, His Way, to point to His greatness and reflect His goodness.

We are blind to the life here below because our eyes are raised toward the ONE who is our Head.

Expect great things in following God's will. Be strong in the Lord. Trust in Him.

(This one is obviously one God spoke to me through prayer.) Trust in Me and you will receive.

It does not matter much the time I pray or read scriptural books, if I do not have works in my life.

Our Blessed Mother in all her innocent love for the Father, knew LOVE.

How many times has God shown us a way out, but we've ignored Him because we think it won't work. He's God for crying out loud!!!!


Face the storm. Say, "all is well" and mean it. God is in control and I am not. I need to accept that right now I am up/down, a one-woman circus. That I am on an emotional roller coaster...As I look over this year on NET, I am most grateful for how my sisters kept pursuing me in sisterly love and how I responded. Also for how much God showed me....My team has helped me grow this year by showing me patience is a gift from God. That in loving others, you must first love yourself. To be vulnerable is to go deep in relationships. Just be honest. Reconcile right away. Trust in God and He will light the way.......I've "tasted and seen" the goodness of the Lord in how God has humbled me into seeing I am just a vessel of His love....Hebrews 11:1. 1 Corinthians 10:13. Matthew 6:33

I would have to say the above entry is still true today. I am grateful for all the experiences God has allowed me to have. He sustains and uplifts me and calls me to do more, to be holy. With Him I can do anything.

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