Friday, January 30, 2009

Sprite & Jaws

When I was in middle school, we had a pet parakeet named Sprite! He was yellow (mostly) and green and blue - like a Sprite can.

At any rate, we would let him out of his cage and allow him to roam around the house. .

One day, dad, Seth, and I were in the back bedroom watching old home 8mm movies on the old projector (yes, way before anything was digital and VHS hadn't reached its peak). We ran out of popcorn, so I went to the kitchen.

When, I came back, I went to sit down. It was dark in the room. No one had seen Sprite wander in. I sat on him. Not all the way. But, enough to scare him and ME!

From that point on, he would literally take off and hide somewhere if he saw me.

Then, he died. Just collapsed in his cage.

And, then there was that time, Jaws, my pet goldfish, jumped out of his tank and died and we thought our cat, Patches, had eaten him. Mom was spring cleaning the next year (I was taking a nap, I couldn't have been older than 8) and found him behind the stereo. She flushed him and then told me later what happened. I didn't cry. Jaws was a very adventurous goldfish!

Let us take a moment to remember these two pets of mine.

ok, continue on with your lives.

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