Monday, May 18, 2009


I am house-sitting, dog-sitting, and chicken-sitting once again. So far, nothing has died, except a cute furry chipmunk which one of the dogs caught and ate. yuck!

And, I have herded chickens back into their coop at night. Yes, with my knees knocking and breathing hard, but the point is I do it.

I also have to let the chickens out in the morning so they can roam the backyard all day and eat worms and basically rule the pets! So both mornings, I've gone up there and lifted the latch, pulled the door open, and run back down the hill. The chickens chase you b/c they think you have food. So, yeah, I am still a bit afraid. I wonder what the neighbors think. I wonder if I can somehow take a video of it. Maybe tomorrow I'll video them chasing me to the door.

But, for now, I am taking a day off. And lounging around the house. debating on whether to go get a pedicure or cut my hair or neither.

My hair has grown ALOT...i believe its about 6-7 inches long. but still in awkward football helmet stage.

At our Spring retreat, we had the opportunity to do a few high ropes course elements. I went down a zip-line. SCARY! Yet I face my fear with Jesus by my side. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

And, also, I purchased a few "gifts" to give out. But, my CORE found them! thought they were hilarious and asked if we could wear them. So, a pic for you below.

I head up to MN for Memorial Day weekend for a NET Home Team 2002-2003 reunion. I am so excited to go and see my teammates for whom most I haven't seen in person in 4 years.

This summer is going to be a whirlwind and more so than 2006 was. I have one trip after another. 6 Flags. Rafting. VBS. Lock-In. Pancake Breakfast. CLI. Steubenville Atlanta. MSC Jamaica. Peer Ministry led Retreat. And then finally a 3 week vacation. Please pray for my sanity. B/c usually I take off about 3 days after a weekend retreat. And, this summer, I'll be lucky if I get one day after these events.

For those who trust in the Lord, all things are possible.

Also, 4 prayers requests - special intetntions for 4 beautiful awesome fantastic faith-filled women.

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