Monday, June 8, 2009

Rafting the Ocoee

I took 8 teens and 3 chaperones rafting this past weekend on the Ocoee River (home to 1996 Olympics for Kayaking). We rafted the Middle Ocoee. Below are pictures of the Class IV rapids called Hell's Kitchen. You will notice that I am in the front on the left side of the raft.

And, I am sure you have noticed I fell out. Not only did I fall out. I opened my eyes in the water and realized I was UNDER the raft. Our guide said he felt my head under the raft! Luckily, with my fight or flight in tact, I was in fight mode and reached the service. It was a wild ride. They make you wear helmets and life jackets, so I was only underneath the water for about 5 seconds. And, I had an awesome time. And, next year I will go again. But, next time I'll ride in the back of the raft by the guide! No more up front.

And here is a slideshow with the rest of the photos.

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