Friday, July 3, 2009

Jesus is my Somebody to Love. for now.

Argh! I am trusting. I. will. trust. in. da. Lord. I will. I promise.

Goodness, when you're on track. Doing great. Trusting. Praying.

Yet, waiting. Just waiting. Being patient is SSSOOO hard.

I know I am not the only single Catholic woman that wonders why God has not placed in her path her husband. I pray He makes it abundantly clear when it happens.

These thoughts become more prevalent around holidays. And, when you want to paint the town red, but all your girlfriends are married and have kids!

Its just so aggravating. And, then you sign up on those blasted single sites, and no one is positive about your profile. I really feel like dropping out. But, I must be patient. With God all things are possible.

Jesus is my somebody to LOVE. I am content in this. I am. I mean it. Can't you hear it in my voice?

also, a prayer intention. It seems that the Director of Faith Formation and Discipleship for our Archdiocese (of Atlanta) has decided to eliminate the Office of Youth Ministry. He has eliminated the position. Our current director of YM has been terminated. And, it looks like all the programs that we have built for our teens are about to go down the tubes. I really wonder if he'd just like us YM's to do our own thing at our own parish and not have anything to do with the diocese. But, doesn't he know that our teens need to see other teens living out their faith. You learn by example. That's how you grow! Argh. So, please pray for us.

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