Monday, September 7, 2009

Seignadou Soap

Added a new widget to the blog - Seignadou Soap!

I am unabashedly going to plug Seignadou Soap now. I recently went into my supply of the nuns' lip balm and I am almost out. It lasts a long time, those little tubes. :) I also seem to open about 3-4 and stash them all over, so I am never left wanting. I also seem to be giving way a lot more because people are seeing how much BETTER and cheaper ($2 each) it is than Burt's Bees.

And, if you are still a little skeptical, here are a few links to other people's takes on the Summit nuns' product line:

Also, the sisters are in the final stages of renovating their kitchen and refectory, but they still need about $24K. Take a look around their Future Full of Hope Fundraising Campaign site (complete with tons of photos) and also add their blog to your RSS feed for updates and views into their lives. They truly are an awesome group of women giving totally whole-heartedly their lives to Christ. And, they live in complete JOY!

Thank You.