Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phi Epsilon Alpha

Ok so yesterday we planned the Women's retreat for January at our CORE meeting. We're taking a sisterhood (sorority) theme. With Esther, Susanna, and Mary as our founding sisters, and then Bl. Mary Mackillop, Bl. Teresa of Calcutta, and St Maria Goretti as some of our famous sisters. Our three main characteristics/virtues are Faith, Hope, and Love, making us the Sisters of Phi Epsilon Alpha.

So, in the midst of that, I was getting nostalgic about my college days and life as a Alpha Gamma Delta. I came home and read through all my scrapbooks, I have 3.

In the midst of these, I have retreat affirmations also stuck in between the pages of the scrapbooks. I found some that I thought I'd share:

From teens when I was a CORE member at St Cat's:

Thank you so much for praying, encouraging, and supporting me this weekend. Before I talked to you about my sharing I was so confused and scared. You really helped. Your sharing deeply touched me and I want to thank you. Your love for God and His love for you shines like crazy! And it always will. May God BLESS you in all that you do. Stay strong! - Derraugh

The fact that you shared my adoration experience with me means so much! You have no idea! I am so thankful for your prayers, and the fact that you opened yourself to speak from the Holy Spirit to me. I don’t know exactly how I’ve changed, but I know I have. I am so happy you shared that experience with me. This has created a bond between us that I will never forget. I love you. Love, Becky.

Hey sweetie. You have been a great group leader and I wanna thank you for your willingness to be here to talk to me. I love you! Love, Christy

I had an awesome weekend. Thank you for all that you shared, even if you were my leader, again. No, really though, I hope this weekend was what you’ve been needing. Your laughter during adoration was awesome. It really made me smile. Thank You for all your gifts and for all that you’ve done for us this weekend. In Christ, John

I just want to tell you that you are awesome! When I am around you I feel the presence of Jesus. You are just awesome. I love talking to you and I love listening to you. Your love for others touches my heart and I thank you for showing that love to me. I love you and God Bless! Always forever, Michelle.

First off I just want to say I love you so much! You are such an awesome person. Your spirituality amazes me. The first night when you came and prayed over me was great. Thank you! I could feel your prayers. I love knowing that I have a friend that cares about me. Thanks for being so wonderful to me! I truly love you! Always Forever, Michelle.

THANK YOU for everything that you have helped me with. You have truly changed my life. I love you! Serra.

You helped me make this trip really amazing for me. I had a great time and I definitely want to come again. Thank you very much for being there for me and everybody who needs you. – Tyler

You are awesome. You are the person that inspires me the most because you are a very real person. I still think about the Fall retreat when you shared your story. Well, that was powerful and a moving story. Keep living in Christ. And stay strong. Love, Michael C.

And, then I found ----
T, A, and N: All wrote affirmations for me. They were all in high school! These notes of encouragement bring me joy! Little did I know that I would have shared so much with each of them. And now they are three of my closest friends. - - Sirach 6:12.

Hey Deepa, well girl, this weekend has been so cool and seeing you again has been wonderful. When I graduate I want to follow your footsteps and stay involved in Life Teen! I love you! Love, A

Deepa, I’ve seen you grow and you’ve seen me grow. We both on an immature level and we love it! I also love being a part of your family welcome or not. Have fun in life and college. Love, T.

Deepa - Deepa … Deepa … Deepa. Despite the fact that you cannot drive at all and that you have permanently traumatized me by stealing my cows, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the time we spent together this weekend. Your spirit is so uplifting and brighter when you’re in it. Keep on smilin’ and don’t ever change. Lots of potatoes - N