Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jesus is My Constant

Ever feel trapped...seriously...sometimes I feel that way...that I am truly unable to express myself online as then all sorts of people comment on it, as to how I really felt...whatever...thank goodness I feel trapped for like 3 seconds, and then I'm like WHATEVER!!!!

Today was spiritual PF Changs...yeah, I know that's weird...but what can you, I didn't have to drive 90 yeah.

Well, let's get directed....where are my feet?  are they above the ground?  how far?  Will it be a soft or crash landing when I land?

Cloud nine is nice, but what about reality.  Stay close.  Jesus is my constant and has been for a REALLY long time.  And, He will continue to be.  He's showing me just how much.

He truly is my ONE and ONLY.  No one can compare.  But, they do try.  He is the CENTER of all my relationships.

I will not crash land into a frozen dairy-wrapped cake-covered in chocolate coma.  Adoration is where I'll land.  Knowing that God's plan is BEST.  And, the HOPE I have in Him will take me places I'd have never gone on my own.

Also, that, there's a time for everything. Being a priority is what I need, not someone to run to, that's what God is for!  and there has to be someone else in your life that can give you that accountability to let go, not me.  I want/need more.  When do I stop being a shoulder to lean on?

Lord, give me the grace to withstand more heartache, but give me the courage to take the risk!  Don't let me sit idly by!