Saturday, February 13, 2010


I surrendered to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  So, thank you for your prayers....but again I am using anonymity (sp?).

But, I promise once things are out in the open, I'll let you in on things.

And, once again keep up those prayers asking St Joseph and the Holy Family to intercede for me.

Ministry is going well.   I have 47 teens receiving Confirmation on Tuesday, March 9th.  They are all so excited and relatively calm in their last weeks of preparation!  And, I am so tied to them, I feel I probably will cry during the Mass in expectation of how the Holy Spirit will manifest Himself!  

And, whoo-hoo, NET Team #5 is coming to Atlanta for the first time ever!  Friday, March 5th through Thursday, March 18th!  And, I'm their Diocesan Contact Person.   I'm in charge of scheduling their time here (retreats and free days).  As well as, also being one of their PCP's (Parish Contact Person).  So, I started to stress a week ago b/c I couldn't find housing for them while they were in our parish!  But, all in God's timing, right?  I now have a few families that WANT to host them!  Hooah!

Its also been snowing here!  That weather system moved thru here today.  Snow started falling about 1:30 pm and stopped about 7:30 pm.  There's about 3 inches outside.  Its so weird having a white blanket outside.

I don't really have any good photos.  I can send you over to Twit Pic to check out the ones I've uploaded.  But thats about it.  When I wake up and it hasn't melted, I will post one on here.

Tata for now.  Off to read and then bed!