Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rosary Mediations

A very close friend asked me to share the Rosary meditations I use.  I told my special friend that I wrote them back when I started Youth Ministry full-time 7 years ago.  But, later today, while in Adoration, I was reminded that they actually came from a variety of sources.  Not from my brain, other than that I re-worded a few of them to make them more personal.  I don't even know how I found these meditations.  But they ROCK.
And so I share them with you!

Joyful Mysteries   Mondays and Saturdays

The Annunciation (Humility)  I ask for the grace to hear You calling me.  Help me to say "yes" to whatever it is You have gifted me for, because You have chosen me to be Your partner in ministry.  Especially help me to say "yes" to following Your will in the situation I'm currently in.

The Visitation (Charity)   I ask for the grace to be a friend and encourager to all those around me.  Help me to share in their joys, as Mary did with Elizabeth, and help me to give them Your Love, as Mary still does today.

Birth of Our Lord (Love of God)   I ask for the grace to receive a new birth of Jesus in all the areas of my life that have not totally been given over to Him.  Help me to identify those areas and turn them over to You.  Right now, I especially ask Jesus to become present in my _________ .

Presentation in the Temple (Purity)   I ask for the grace to present Jesus to the people around me, not so much by talking about Him as by the way I live my life.  Help me to purify my life so that I can be a better reflection of Jesus' goodness and caring love.  Help me to more compassionately let Jesus shine through me.

Find of Our Lord in the Temple (Obedience)   I ask for the grace to seek out and find Jesus whenever my troubles get so distracting that I no longer see Him.  Help me to know that He is always present with me, helping me, guiding me, and compassionately loving me.

Sorrowful Mysteries   Tuesday and Friday

Agony in the Garden (Repentance)  Give me the confidence to ask for what I think I need, the humility to wait for His Will, and the faith to accept a refusal.  Let my suffering be Redemptive, let my will be one with God's and my life a sacrifice of love.

Scourging at the Pillar (Mortification)   I am sorry, dear Jesus.  Cover me with this Precious Blood and heal my many wounds.  Let modesty and purity be my goal and harmony my motto.

Crowning of Thorns (Humility)  Oh, Jesus, let me never forget Your love for me and the reparation You offered the Father for my sake.  Let my soul magnify the Lord by humility of heart, purity of mind, and a gentle spirit.

Carrying of the Cross (Patience)  Help me, my Jesus, to carry my cross with joy, ever keeping my eyes on the Father's Will.  Grant that I may not waste time deciding which cross comes from You and which comes from my neighbor.  Let me accept all from You, realizing that some crosses correct me, some release me, some prevent me from a life of sin, others are redemptive, and still others lead me to repentance.

Crucifixion (Love of Enemies)  Grant that I may forgive my enemies and abandon myself to the Father's Will.  Let me commend my life and my eternity to His care.  Let zeal for the salvation of souls make my soul thirst for sacrifice and let the thought of paradise enlighten my path.

Glorious Mysteries   Sunday and Wednesday

Resurrection (Faith & Hope)   Like Your Five Wounds, my suffering will shine for all to see.  The Wisdom of the Father will be glorified forever as all men see how His plan and will in my life marked out the glory that would be mine for all eternity.

Ascension to Heaven (Desire for Heaven)  I want to rise above the demands of my emotions and have the courage to live in spirit and truth.  Grant me the Faith that is always aware of the invisible reality, the Hope that trusts in Your promises, and the Love that seeks not itself.

Descent of the Holy Spirit (Zeal)   Holy Spirit, give me an increase of Your Gifts and the grace that assures Your Presence in my soul.  Give me an awareness of the Divine Indwelling, a realization of how much the Father loves me, and transform my soul into a perfect image of Jesus.

Assumption (Devotion to Mary)    Teach me, kind Mother, to keep my body pure, my mind undefiled, and my heart detached.  Let your Assumption into Heaven give me the assurance and courage to be a Christian in word and deed.

Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Perseverance)   Obtain for me, dear Mother, the grace I need to one day enter His Kingdom and be crowned with the crown of holiness.

Luminous Mysteries        Thursdays

Baptism of Christ in the Jordan (Sacrament of Baptism)    I obey my Father's designs when I submit to the teachings of the Church and to my lawful superiors when they command me.  How important is the counsel of obedience to me?

Wedding Feast at Cana (Fidelity)    I note how Christ honors His Mother and how Mary points her children to Jesus.  Do I enthusiastically venerate Mary and genuinely encourage others to imitate Him?

Proclamation of the Kingdom (Desire for Holiness)    I attest to His mercy when I receive the Sacrament of Penance.  Is my encounter with the Divine Physician in Confession frequent and profound?

Transfiguration (Spiritual Courage)    I admire the intimacy that Saints Peter, James, and John had with Jesus.  Do I often ask the Savior for a deeper friendship with Him?

Institution of the Eucharist (Love of our Eucharistic Lord)   I thank God for the Most Holy Eucharist.  Do I prepare well for Holy Communion and treasure the Mass as the center of my life? ; Sorrowful -- ; Luminous -- ; Joyful - >