Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Get ready for some rambling.

fourth day of Pentecost Novena ~ Solace in the midst of woe.

I wouldn't necessarily say I am in woe. I'm not. really, I'm not. I am just blah. Its that time of the month again. I am high chocolate alert. And, the fried chicken desire is back.

I am so busy, I look forward to those 3 blessed weeks in July/August when all I have to worry about is body parts falling asleep because I haven't moved all day.

I am so busy that even though I'd love to devour about 4 books on my shelf, I can't. I'm hoping for some quality time on my flight from GA to AZ for LT Convention with a book in one hand and a Sprite in the other. Oh, and a little nice nap will be great too.

I literally begin my summer in 3 weeks. And, that schedule is a bit crazy.
From June 7-11, I'll be at our annual diocese beach conference with 2 of my amazing teens. We should be back on Friday around 8 pm. Then, on Saturday, June 12th, I fly out to AZ for LT Convention. Come back to GA on Wed, June 16th. Work in the office registering teens for Confirmation on Thursday. Friday is spiritual direction, so I might be in Newnan later. But, its also our Edge Lock-In at the cheer gym, so I probably will go over pretty late, say around midnight. Sunday, June 20th is our Commissioning Mass for the mission trip. We leave around 11 pm on Monday night, June 21st. Arrive back on Sunday, June 27th around midnight.

Then, I'm off for a week - July 4th. One week of work registering more teens for Confirmation. July 11th I go to set up for a leadership conference. Teens arrive on Monday. Friday, July 16th is the start of the Steubenville Atlanta conference. And, then on Monday, July 19th, VACATION begins! Whew. let's hope I can make it til then.

All in all, I love what I am able to call work. I love my teens.

And, in the midst of this, I am looking at various different makes/models. Not that I don't love my mini-van. I do. Its just that with gas prices rising, it makes more sense to me to drop down to sedan again. And, let the parish pick up the tab for hauling stuff every retreat/trip we need a van. That's the way I see it.

And, am seriously on the house hunt. A townhome is more my speed - built after 1987. In a relatively good area. We shall see. That's on my list for closer to the end of the year.

And, then, at the end of the summer, I will be signing up to be a Pampered Chef consultant.

Ok, now its all out of my system, at least what runs through my head.

Prayer time is good. Prayer nook works really well. Who knew I'd ever be comfortable praying in my own house.

God is soooooooooo good! Isn't He? I've been praying for my stony heart to be rolled away and made new. I know its risky, but yet, so fruitful. There's JOY waiting.