Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life Teen Convention

There is a lot that can be said from short quotes on a subject or an event.

Here are mine from Life Teen Convention.

The Lord wants you.

Christ answers with an invitation, "Come and see."

Am I doing ministry because of the promise I made to God or God's promise to me? (John 19:5)

Chain yourself to the Eucharist and Mary.

Deepest mystery of faith is what we receive.

Even when the spouse is disfigured, she is still beautiful.

Authentic Jesus, not happy Jesus.

Their depth is directly proportional to mine.

Don't get stuck in your head, instead live in your heart.

Extra0rdinary Ministers of the Eucharist need to be in a state of grace. Does the Word of God deserve any less?

Scripture studies should always be pointing back to Mother Church.

Stand in TRUTH.

There is no Adoration without the Sacrifice.

Everything MUST spill out of your primary vocation.

How can the CORE say No to the teens when they ask them to go deeper?

When I lower the bar, it allows the teens to lower their expectations.

There is more intimacy in receiving the Eucharist than in adoring Him in Adoration.

Catechesis = intimacy with Christ
Mystagogy = time of great intimacy

Catechetics = art and science of passing on the faith; relationship with a person
Catechesis = act of passing on the faith
Catechist = person who passes on the faith
Catechism = expresses the faith

Catechetical nights should be the most intimate nights

Lead the teens from infatuation to building a relationship with Christ

Matthew is the length of 3 chapters in Twilight, so, yes, you can read it.

Scripture: The Heavenly Father is coming to speak lovingly to you.

Scripture ALWAYS bears fruit.

CORE members: God is the one calling; I am inviting.

If you are suffering and there is no joy; then its not of God, its of you.

In the midst of suffering, it is to bring Glory to God.

Christ died for your sins that you haven't even committed.

Live out life, death, and resurrection in the little things.

That loneliness that you carry when you sin, Jesus carried your loneliness.

Life Teen is contemplative: What is God asking of us? not "I hope God blessed our movement."