Sunday, July 18, 2010

oh what a blessing

Home finally from my many travels with the teens.
Trying to stay awake til 8 pm where I will crash unto my pillow and hopefully sleep for at least 15 hours. Some people would call that abnormal. I call it 'catching up'. When you've been on a team for CLI and then go to a Steubenville Conference thereafter, 15 hours of sleep is nothing.

I'm really hoping to do that two days in a row. I'm seriously debating showering tomorrow.

This past week and weekend have been utterly amazing. The growth I've seen in my teens and in myself surpasses all my understanding. He has utterly blessed me beyond everything I've ever known to be true.

And, I just bask in His mercy and in His glory. His face shines upon me. His face!

At some point during vacation, I'll be breaking out the sewing machine and quilting supplies to make another one. So excited! And, yes, I already have a plan!!!

God is good. Amen? AMEN!

Today when I arrived home. I unpacked my Snowball (aka nickname for my minivan. don't hate). I started the washer and then I attacked my mail.
There was an envelope that resembled a wedding invitation. I wondered who was getting married and who was inviting me. It turned out to be a former teen of mine from the parish I started out at St Mary Magdalene in Newnan, GA. Wow! How times flies. I remember meeting her then-boyfriend, now fiance for the first time. And, I remember how proud I was of her for choosing to date such a faith-filled strong Catholic man. One who upholds her dignity as a child of the Most High God!
I am one proud youth minister. I am excited to go to this wedding where I might know only a few people, but yet be able to share in her and her parent's total JOY!