Friday, July 2, 2010

Will the sun come up?

when I'm on vacation, I tend NOT to do anything.
this week has been just that. I have a pile of clean laundry that still needs folding. It was finally removed from the dryer today. (of course it helps that the parents are away on vacation). I guess I should fold them 2mrw. But, then, I'm packing Friday night for house-sitting next week.

And, July has begun. That means 3 days in the office registering teens for Confirmation and sending out "you have two weeks left to register for Confirmation" postcards. And, then CLI with my mini's and then Steubenville Atlanta.

After that, 3 weeks of paid time off. I've worked so much. I'm afraid I'm going to get really sick the next time around. I have to be careful and eat my chewy vitamin C tablets. And drink lots of water.

Looking forward to girls only weekend at the end of July.

Off to bed I guess. I want to be asleep before the sun comes up.