Sunday, August 1, 2010

Face plant straight into the muck

This weekend has been stupendous and fruitful.

Friday night was a girls' night in - 6 of us that have known each other 10+ years. Good food, spirit-filled conversation and prayer! Hope we can do this again. Truly was a blessing.

Saturday, I went a priest's retirement Mass and reception. To think and ponder his priesthood and all of the lives he's touched, makes me intercede more for vocations.

I am exhausted (stayed up way too late on Friday), yet full of JOY with expectation to what/where/who/how God has in store for me.

Reading through journal from 2007: Lord, you shall take from me all that is not of You; so I may no longer be blind and inattentive. Until all I have is You. I shall be like the days of my youth. It will be then that I see the reality of Your Love. On that day, I will choose to live forever with You. For I will see You are sweeter than honey. For I will be espoused to You.

How true! I can honestly say I haven't reached that day. I am still striving for holiness. And, I've fallen hard. Face plant right into the muck. The courage and hope I receive from Him who has saved me, gives me the strength to push up out of the muck and get back on my feet and push forward. His Love is GREAT!

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