Wednesday, October 6, 2010

7 Gifts

Abba Father, my Defender
You are holy and I surrender
For in my weakness You protect me
And when my heart strays You correct me
I cry Abba Father, I love You, Daddy
Abba Father, I love You, I love You

God is truly amazing. And, He's my Savior, as well as, yours!
This week has been crazy and hectic. I'm still trying to get used to doing Life Nights. Next year, we'll have to start back sooner.

In prayer today in front of the Blessed Sacrament, Luke 11:2 scrolled across my mind's marquee. Its the Lord's Prayer. When the Apostles ask Jesus how to pray. His focus was totally on them. Totally on me. The Our Father is seriously the perfect prayer - thanksgiving, petition, contemplation, praise, and adoration. And, its simple to learn.

Last night was our Confirmation class on the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the 12 Fruits. For many years here (even before I was here), we've used an acronym to remember the 7 Gifts - RUCK-JAW ( Reverence, Understanding, Courage, Knowledge, Judgment, Awe, & Wisdom). Last night during an activity, I had our teen catechists (teens who've been confirmed) come up with a sentence to remember the 7 Gifts used in the OnEight program.
Will Unfortunately Kicked Potatoes From Canada to France. (Wisdom ~ Understanding ~ Knowledge ~ Piety ~ Fear of the Lord ~ Counsel ~ Fortitude)

Mine was King Charlie Walked Under the Fourteenth Pickled Fence. (Knowledge ~ Counsel ~ Wisdom ~ Understanding ~ Fortitude ~ Piety ~ Fear of the Lord).

Its easy for the Confirmandi to remember the 7 Gifts. Whats difficult is trying to get them to understand what each of the 7 Gifts is and to be able to explain each one in their own words.
Can you?

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