Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping in the Woods

I am moving.  When my lease ends.  Into a friend's house for the last 6 months (or hopefully less).  

And, today, with the help of several benefactor's I was able to pay off one of my personal debts.  Hurray!

I still get overwhelmed by the amount of Christ's LOVE poured out on me every day.

Because of generous friends, I'll be able to in October begin to put a little over a $1000 a month into my personal debt, and sometime in May, God-willing, enter back into religious life.

I have complete faith and have given total surrender over to God's will.

I continue to pray for each and every benefactor, spiritual and financial.  And, pray for God's will to be done.

This weekend I took 12 teens camping for one night.  10 had never been.  10 had never:  slept in a tent, cooked food on an open fire, used the bathroom in the woods.  I even had one teenager who had never eaten bacon in her life; her family eats only fish and seafood, no red meat at her house.

I loved that experience.   Of watching them reach outside their comfort zone and strive to overcome their fears.

My camera broke at the beginning of June, so I've had to rely on other people to take pictures.  I obviously don't want to buy another one.  So, when my other chaperone emails pics, I'll post a few then.

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