Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Prayers for others

In the quiet of my heart, I hear Him calling.  I hear Him in the silence.  I listen, and I know He is near.

I have come to love the silence again.  I remember the time in my life where I wanted nothing but noise, to drown Him out, Him whom my heart loves.

His love for us is great, great beyond all human imagining.  He waits for us in the silence.

This weekend I am taking 12 teens to a Steubenville Youth Conference.  I served for many years on volunteer teams with this amazing conference.  I ask you to keep in your prayers all of the teens who will be attending.  Not just in Atlanta, but all over the country.  Pray their hearts, minds, and ears are open to God.  Pray we might all take time to grow in our relationship with Him.  To spend time in the silence.

I look forward to the day when I will be in community again, in one heart and mind together.

Appointments are being set and grant applications filled out.  I continue to ask for your prayers.   For perseverance and patience.  Patience is the hardest to bear.  For I offer up every minute I am outside the city walls.

If you feel called, please share my story with others.  I can never have too many prayer partners.

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Margaret said...

Dear Deepa:

I follow your blog with much attention and prayer.

Truly I wish your entrance into Summit (like yesterday). Have your heard of the web site SupportGoodHabits.org? You might find it helpful with ideas etc. There are resources on how to reduce your debt so that you can enter religious life quickly.

Blessings and prayers,